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The prices of used cars are still at a record high, even three years after the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Thanks to the resulting supply chain shortages and inflation, it will still be a while before we see consistent improvement. Some states also have higher used car prices than others.

Even conventionally moderately-priced cars, like the Honda Accord, aren’t exempt. This sedan is currently one of the most expensive used cars in the following eight states.

1. Indiana

iSeeCars data found that the average used Honda Accord from the latest three models years costs $29,637 in Indiana. For comparison, you would have only paid $11,806 for the same car before the pandemic started. A new 2022 Accord is cheaper to buy now, starting at $26,520.

To find this data, iSeeCars used the ratio between the average car payment and the state’s median household income. The site also examined the average prices paid for every Honda Accord sold between August 2019-August 2022 to create the most accurate affordability threshold.

2. Kansas

The Honda Accord is nearly 30% more expensive in Kansas compared to 2019. It has an average asking price of $30,513 today, while used examples three years ago were typically less than $11,000.

3. Missouri

A gray 2019 Honda Accord midsize sedan model with a background of forest trees
2019 Honda Accord | American Honda Motor Co., Inc

Missouri drivers usually pay an average of $30,597 for a used Honda Accord, a 35% price increase from 2019. Back then, you could get a used Accord for $12,954. It’s also higher than the statewide average, which iSeeCars estimates to be $24,142.

4. Nebraska

It’s hard to find a used Honda Accord for cheaper than $31,405 in Nebraska, whereas you could buy it in 2019 for $12,798. That puts it 20.3% above the state’s affordability threshold. 

Any other used car in Nebraska might only cost $23,745. That’s cheaper than the current national average, which has jumped from around $24,000 to over $30,000, according to competing studies. Minor national average discrepancies are common because different outlets like J.D. Power and Autoweek use their own metrics for judging affordability.

5. Oklahoma

A Honda Accord is now almost 43% more expensive in Oklahoma, with the average used model selling for $29,232. That’s a $4,000 increase over the national average. In 2019, you could get a used Accord from the most recent model years for around $11,527.

6. South Carolina

Almost four years ago, you could buy a used Honda Accord in this state for just under $13,000. Now a South Carolina found Accord sells for around $31,171. You can buy another relatively new used car in the state for an average price of $24,390.

7. South Dakota

A used Honda Accord in South Dakota can demand an average asking price of $30,269. That’s nearly 25% more than its affordability ratio in 2019. Cars sold during that time usually were priced at $11,190.

8. Tennessee

Used Honda Accord models in Tennessee used to be less than $12,000. If you tried to buy one from the last three model years today, it would probably cost just over $30,000.

The 2023 Honda Accord should start appearing in dealerships this month, with a starting MSRP of $27,295. According to Honda, the Sport trim is now barely more expensive than the average used model at $31,895. The newest Accord Sport also comes with a hybridized powertrain that earns 46 mpg combined city/highway.

Every new Honda Accord with hybrid technology also has Google integration and a 12.3-inch center touchscreen. If you live in a state where used Accords are in high demand, the redesigned model might be a better deal.

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