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Frequent high-milage records are a testament to the engineering behind the Honda Accord. It’s not hard to find Accords that have been on the road for decades with no sign of slowing down. Several have even surpassed the million-mile mark. What makes the Accord so durable?

Honda Accords | Adrian Dennis/AFP via Getty Images

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A 1990 Honda Accord hit the one million mile mark in Maine

Joe LoCicero drove his Honda Accord for 21 years before it hit the legendary milage. Honda was so impressed by LoCicero’s achievement that the automaker rewarded him with a brand new Accord in 2012.

Over the span of more than two decades, some parts did degrade. LoCicero had to replace his Accord’s radiator twice. His fuel pump and cooling fans also failed and had to be swapped out.

LoCicero is a model car owner. He followed every manufacturer guideline to the letter with great results. The Accord is legendary for its reliability. When meticulously maintained, a great car will stay on the road until its last breath.

A 2000 Honda Accord joins the million-mile club

Dexter Mills puts an average of 65,000 miles on his tires every year. He regularly travels for work, packing on the extra mileage. His 2000 Honda Accord became his daily driver in 2006. Mills performed most of the maintenance on the Accord himself. After 375,000 miles, he had the engine replaced. Then again at 690,000.

Mills’ careful maintenance has paid off. Even after logging over one million miles, the Accord’s fuel economy rivals many newer cars. According to Mills, he still regularly gets 450 miles per tank of fuel.

Consumer Reports recognized the Honda Accord’s dependable engineering

Year after year, the Honda Accord receives rave reviews. Consumer Reports dubbed the Accord one of the best sedans you can buy. Expert reliability ratings are what the organization is known for. A Consumer Reports recommendation holds weight with buyers. Each new Honda Accord seems to delight reviewers with its elegant mechanics.

Performance carries from year to year, but the sedan is arguably one of the most dependable cars ever made. This is due, in large part, to Honda’s exacting standards. The maker consistently wins out over other brands in terms of longevity and low repair costs.

What makes Honda a leader in reliability

A black 1999 Honda Accord parked in front of beach side cliffs
1999 Honda Accord | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images

Honda’s success as an automaker is legendary. A corporate philosophy that revolves around the joy of engineering could be why. Honda is a great example of how a strengths-based philosophy can spell success. By adopting a positive philosophy and striving for customer satisfaction, Honda has built many devoted buyers.

Honda’s corporate philosophy focuses on three distinct joys. Firstly, Honda emphasizes the joy felt by makers when they produce a quality product. Secondly, the company focuses on the joy of selling a great car at a fair value. Lastly, the joy buyers feel after a quality purchase.

When automakers prioritize the quality of their engineering over thickening their profit margins, everyone wins. Brand loyalty and a reputation for reliability are the pillars of a successful automotive business. Honda’s goodwill is the secret sauce that keeps their cars on the road mile after mile.


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