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A Honda Accord and Chevy Suburban Mad Max mashup would be interesting, right? If you’re a fan of the Mad Max movie franchise and cars in general, you’ll love what this creative person accomplished. Some of the most hardcore Mad Max fans in the world gather in “tribes” to show off their cars and gear inspired by the post-apocalyptic movies. One of those people is Morning Raven, who fused a Honda Accord with a Chevy Suburban to create a custom mashup and what he calls “Ansley the HellBilly Honda.”

Honda Accord sits on a Chevy Suburban in this Mad Max mashup

What is Ansley the HellBilly Honda? Well, according to CarScoops, it’s a Honda Accord sitting on top of a Chevy Suburban. That’s not an exaggeration or a way to say they used parts from both vehicles. The Honda Accord is sitting on the top of the Chevy Suburban, and it looks ridiculous. Plenty of other extra parts are welded onto the monster of a vehicle, giving it more of a Mad Max aesthetic. Luckily, the car’s creator also posted a video about the development and details that went into the masterpiece.

Morning Raven originally bought a sixth-generation Honda Accord as a reliable vehicle for road trips. Eventually, he wanted to add some Mad Max features to give it a post-apocalyptic look everyone wants for their Accord. Starting with a rusty hood, a front and rear bumper delete, a custom roof rack, and extra brutal accessories. After taking the lone Honda to a few Wasteland Weekend events, Raven decided to take it to the next level. It turns out the next level is putting it on top of a Suburban.

A Chevy Suburban under a Honda Accord

2022 Honda Accord, one was fused with a Chevy Suburban in a custom Mad Max build
2022 Honda Accord Sport Special Edition | Honda

Next, Raven purchased an eighth-generation Chevrolet Suburban SUV. He cut the roof off and then welded the body on top with an incline. He connected the two vehicles together using aesthetically matching items like gas tanks, first-aid kits, signs, and rusty metal. The beast’s front has no body panels and completely mismatched headlights, which match the theme well. It also features a military-style wrap with “Dukes of Nuke” stickers on the doors, representing his “tribe” in the Mad Max car meets.

The eight-generation Suburban ran from 1991 to 1999 in the United States. There were a surprisingly large number of engines available, starting with the 5.7-liter L05 V8. Each option is more powerful than the last, but it isn’t specified which engine is under the hood of this monster. However, CarScoops said it is likely the 5.7-liter V8, making it a fittingly powerful Mad Max mashup.


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The vehicle is street legal and has Idaho registration plates, to everyone’s surprise. The owner apparently drives it daily and likely has to explain it to several people everywhere he goes.

Although the most recent video is a bit older and the build was only around 30 percent complete, the most recent photos are much closer to completion. It’s one of the best, ugliest, most beautiful cars we’ve ever seen. If you want a closer look at the Mad Max Honda Accord and Chevy Suburban, head to the Idaho car meets centered around post-apocalyptic vehicles. Morning Raven’s custom-built Honda Accord and Chevy Suburban Mad Max mashup is one of the coolest movie-inspired cars we’ve ever seen.