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The Toyota Crown has been a staple of its native Japan for decades. However, if American consumers wanted to drive one in recent years, they had to ship it overseas. Though Toyota hasn’t sold the Crown in the United States for many years, rumor has it that could soon change. If it did, the sedan market could see another power player. 

What is the Toyota Crown? 

According to Toyota, the Crown made its grand debut on the Japanese market in 1955 as the Toyopet Crown. Since then, the luxury sedan has been a hit with Japanese consumers but struggled to achieve the same success stateside. With the sedan dominating the market for many years, the Japanese roots in a market that often buys American, combined with the oversaturation of competitors, made it a strangely obscure addition to the American market. 

With 66 years of history behind it, however, the car has seen many changes. From the gas-guzzling days of post-World War II manufacturing to the more eco-conscious builds of today, the story of the Toyota Crown is, in many ways, the story of the industry at large. Though it might not have been a hit in America, Japanese drivers love the longest-running sedan on the global market. 

Consumers saw the box-like cars of 1955 turn into the sleek hybrid builds they are today. Now, the Crown isn’t just a sedan, but a line of SUVs and cars with more power for rear-wheel-drive and other features. 

The 2021 Toyota Crown at a glance

The 15th-generation Toyota Crown launched in 2018, and the company has been adding features and tweaking what didn’t work the first time, Motor 1 reports. From its 12-inch screen, which replaced an infamous split-screen setup of earlier models, to its climate control system that allows motorists to customize their driving environment, the crown knows how to give its drivers comfort while looking good inside it.

Furthermore, anyone who gets behind the wheel of these Japanese staples will surely get the power to go along with its modern sentiments and technological marvels. The base model has a 2.5-liter gas tank and produces 226 hp, and the most powerful model boasts a 3.5-liter tank and harnesses 359 hp. Prices start at around $47,000. 

However, if a recent leaked patent form is a sign, American consumers might not need to import the Crown much longer. 

Is the Crown coming back to America? 


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MotorTrend notes how the Crown has been expanding its brand in Japan. As a result, Toyota might be ready to reintroduce the sedan in the States. Whether it means exporting the SUV models stateside with fancy trim or reintroducing its base models for a new generation of eco-conscious drivers, signs point to something big on the horizon.

This isn’t a confirmation, however. Many companies file patents early in the idea stages and then later change course or never move past those initial talks. At the very least, it shows Toyota is entertaining the notion of resurrecting its local favorite. However, until concrete confirmation surfaces, everything else is a blur. 

The Toyota Crown became a favorite in Japan and a curiosity in America thanks to its longevity, reliability, and ability to match its luxury performance. For fans of the Japanese car giant, getting to drive something that was once just a pipe dream could be a significant step in the right direction. Now, they’ll have to wait and see if the car makes its way back or if Toyota is testing the waters on an idea that never comes into fruition.