Hidden Mini Cooper Features Even Owners Don’t Know About

Mini Coopers are known for their compact and sporty styling, and fun features. Whether you currently own a Mini Cooper or are looking to buy one, there are some pretty interesting quarks and features most owners never know about.

Trick Start

While some Mini Coopers have comfort access – meaning the key recognizes it’s a close distance from the car and can unlock and start without inserting the key – it is not a standard feature. You typically have to put the key into a holder in the dashboard for the car to start, and the car shuts off when the car is removed. There is one simple and easy to master trick that can turn your car on without the key. If you remove the key, effectively turning the car off, and press the start button again within 10 seconds, the car will turn back on. This is especially useful and extremely hot or freezing cold days where you want to get the car going a few minutes before you want to get it, but you don’t want to leave your keys inside.

Remote Windows

There is just something cool about pressing a button and having your windows rolled down before you even get to your car. Hot summer days lead to stuff, boiling cars, and having the windows down to air out the car before you even get in is just a little luxurious. There is no specific button on the key FOB that makes this feature obvious, so most owners never even know it can be done. With the press of a few small buttons, you can program your car to roll down the windows remotely. Pressing the unlock button once to open the car and then holding the unlock button to make your windows roll down will give your Mini that extra cool factor.

Hidden Compartments

While many owners have probably searched around the car enough to find this little feature, or have just casually bumped into it, the thin piece of dash trim above the glove box opens to reveal a small compartment. A gentle tap releases the door and allows it to open but there is no button visible, making it a perfect little hideaway. This hiding spot is just big enough for a small wallet, and with its discreet appearance, it’s a safe little cubby most people don’t know exists.

Changing Ambient Lighting

The lighting inside of the car on the B-pillar where the driver and passenger seatbelts are mounted and the smaller lights featured around the dome come in a standard red hue. Very few drivers know that the half-filled sun button on the overhead dome can be held down to allow you to cycle through a number of colors, changing the ambient lighting in the car from red to white, green, blue or even purple. Holding the button once the option feature has been engaged tells the car to continuously cycle through all of the available colors.

Whether you’ve owned a Mini Cooper for years or are just getting interested in one, you might be able to surprise even the dealership sales teams by pointing out some of these lesser-known features.