Hidden Features of the 2019 Ford F150

The F150 is well-loved among Ford fanatics and truck owners. They are known for their reliability and utility, and the newer years have gotten some great facelifts to make them look even more aggressive. What’s more fun? They have some pretty cool hidden features, too.

Dead key fob? No problem

Having comfort-access with your F150 is an underrated perk. Being able to unlock the truck as you walk up to the driver’s side door or to start the truck without having to fish around in your pocket or purse. But what happens when the key fob battery is running low? There is no place on the dash to put the key in case the key is dead or the truck is having trouble identifying that the key is inside the truck. One BMW when that happens, you simply hold the key fob to the steering wheel. For some Mercedes-Benz, you can slide the key fob into a holder on the dash.

Every Ford F150 with comfort access has a hidden cubby that recognizes your key even if it’s dead, and for the 2019 model year, this cubby is hidden someplace rather odd. In the center console, next to the gear shifter, there is a set of cupholders molded into the plastic. Lifting up on the bottom pad – yes, it’s removable – will expose a small cubby. Simple rest your dead key fob in this spot and the truck will turn on!

2019 Ford F150 XLT Black Widow
2019 Ford F150 XLT Black Widow | Long McArthur Ford

F150 Navigation Volume

Are you ever listening to music just to have your GPS scream directions at you? On the Ford F150, you can actually adjust the prompt volume separately from the truck’s audio. Sure, you can adjust the volume of the GPS voice by turning the overall sound of the car down, but that means listening to your music at a lower volume too. This trick is actually really easy to use and doesn’t require any special clicks of the infotainment system to get to a special screen. Wait until the navigation voice begins and turn down the volume then. This will affect only the navigation volume and not the truck’s overall sound volume.

Custom door entry code

Some trim levels of the F150 still have the ability to unlock the driver’s side door with a keypad found on the door. From the factory, each truck is assigned a code, but you can actually change the code to something custom, too. Simply type in the original code to unlock the door and press “1” one time. The lights on the keypad will cycle through one time and then you can enter your own code in. The lights for the keypad will cycle a second time to tell you that it has accepted the code, and you can now use your custom code to unlock the door. If your truck battery dies or you lose power for some reason, this code will be reset to the factory code. You can also change the code using the infotainment system. On the “Vehicle” screen there is a setting labeled for the door code, and you can enter your custom door code here.

The Ford F150 is a great truck with so many options and features. All of these hidden features just make the truck a little bit easier and more convenient to use, and they solve some small problems you probably didn’t realize you might be having.