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New Hampshire Police responded to a call about a loose dog running around the highway bordering Vermont last week. The dog wouldn’t allow the police near him, but he never got too far from them either. After chasing the dog for a while, the police were led across the Vermont state line, where they found a crashed pickup truck. The police found the dog’s owner and another person badly injured from being ejected from the wrecked truck

destroyed pickup truck
Dog led police back to the truck where her owner was | NBC5 via YouTube

Dog channels Lassie and saves owner from crashed pickup truck

It would seem so. According to NBC News, troopers followed the dog to a damaged section of the guardrail and noticed a “badly damaged pickup truck that had rolled over.” 

“As the officers investigated further, they realized that both occupants of the pickup truck had been ejected from the vehicle and were hypothermic and seriously injured,” the statement said.

Once at the pickup truck crash scene, the police officers learned that this dog doing its best Lassie impression was the truck driver’s owner, and her name is Tinsley. It became clear that the “loose dog” wasn’t loose at all; she was leading the police back to her injured owner to save his and his passenger’s life. 

We don’t deserve dogs

close up of Tinsley, the dog who saved her owner from a brutal truck crash
Tinsley, the dog who saved her owner from a truck crash | NBC5 via YouTube

Cam Laundry, who was driving the truck, told NECN and NBC Boston that what Tinsley did was “remarkable” and “a miracle.”

“She’s my little guardian angel, you know?” Laundry said lovingly about his 1-year-old Shiloh Shepherd. 

What was the cause of the crash? 

31-year-old Laundry was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the crash. He only suffered minor injuries. However, his passenger was not so lucky. The other person was hospitalized with more serious injuries. 

Tinsley “stood by her owner as officers assisted him and the passenger,” a statement from Vermont State Police said. 

Unfortunately, a third passenger, a bulldog, did not survive the crash. Laundry was charged with a DUI, and although he does admit to having a few drinks, he didn’t think he had drunk too much. 

“It definitely was a wake-up call,” Laundry said. He wished his friend a speedy recovery and said he was sad over the loss of his bulldog.

As with many other states, the legal BAC limit in Vermont is .08. Anything higher than that can earn drivers an arrest and DUI. If it weren’t for his furry friend, Laundry and his passenger may not have survived the pickup truck crash. 


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