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Fans of Chevy Silverado pickups have been waiting for a revised front end since it came out in 2019. Universally panned, what added to its woes was an interior that was no match for the Ram pickup; also new in 2019. While 2022 Silverado interior shots have leaked here and there, we have not gotten a look at the new front, until now. So, is this new fascia better than the previous model’s?

The leaked 2022 Silverado image shows an improved front end

An image seen in an official GM parts catalog shows essentially what you see above so it is no independent guess; this is it. It was captured by This is definitely an improvement, and here’s why.

The signature “sideburn” feature was like a silly flag of sheet metal that cut up the front end. Fussy and visually awkward, it was not integrated but rather choppy. The new front hasn’t eliminated the sideburns but instead integrated them in a more prominent fashion with a new body-color filler. The headlights are still a sinister slit but have been moved above the design line rather than below as on the current Silverado. 

That gave more room to heighten the sideburn and give it a more integrated look. It also looks like the headlights have been pulled back into the fenders a bit more, allowing the grille to be more massive. Or, more truck-like if you wish. So, it is better integrated overall, and it cleans up the black graphic grille assembly. 

Chevy looks to have eliminated the arbitrary design line for this revised 2022 Silverado

GM Design render of 2022 Chevy Silverado
GM Design render of 2022 Chevy Silverado | GM

The arbitrary design line below the beltline looks like it might, thankfully, be gone. Yes, random design lines and sculpturing are all the rage, but this change makes for a better design. The current design feature looks like the proverbial “one designer did the front half and another the back, then they mushed it together.”

And the way the wheel openings have been styled gives the fenders a more pronounced bulge. That’s something we like about the Ford Raptor and Ram TRX. Finally, the new undercut in the lower quarters aids in accentuating those bulges. 

Chevy plans on keeping the current model as the 2022 “LTD”

Camouflaged image of 2022 Chevy Silverado
General Motors will introduce new Super Cruise capabilities on six model year 2022 vehicles this week | GM

While Chevy ramps up production of this newer design, it is keeping the current one through 2022 as the Silverado LTD. This will help keep the assembly line rolling which Chevy desperately needs to do with COVID and microchip downtime. Internally, the revised Silverado will be called a 2022i model. 

We will also be seeing a ZR2 model, with an L87 V8, a two-inch lift, meaty Goodyear DuraTrac tires, Multimatic DSSV dampers, and larger bumper openings. Also, the new GM VIP electrical system better handles the semi-autonomous drive system. 

So, lots of changes are set to debut this Thursday for the new 2022 Silverado. Motorbiscuit will bring you the highlights then.


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