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As technology advances, so do hackers. While most people think of hackers as targeting computers and websites, they may not consider the fact that their car can be hacked. While there are videos online of entire cars being hacked while in operation, most people don’t have to worry about something as complex as this happening to them. However, it isn’t too difficult for thieves to steal your key fob signal and break into your car.  Let’s take a look at some perhaps unorthodox car safety tips to keep your car, keys, and possessions safe.

VOLGOGRAD, RUSSIA – NOVEMBER 16, 2016: Key chains bearing the Mercedes-Benz logo at a Mercedes-Benz car dealership. Dmitry Rogulin/TASS (Photo by Dmitry Rogulin\TASS via Getty Images)

How do thieves steal your key fob signal?

According to USA Today, your key fob and car each contain a chip that communicate with one another. The key fob sends an algorithm to your car’s security system, and the chip in your car’s security system reads this algorithm and will open the car if it matches the algorithm in your car. 

Although your key fob is only supposed to transmit such a signal to your car if you’re very close to the car, thieves have found a way around this. Using a relay box, car thieves can steal the code from your key fob from 300 feet away. 300 feet is a decent distance, and just because your cars are inside your house doesn’t mean that they’re safe. 

Putting your keys in the freezer can keep them safe

Now that you know how easy it is for a thief to steal your key fob signal, you’re probably wondering how to keep your keys safe. The most important thing is to keep your signal protected. It sounds like a simple thing to do, and it is. However, some of the ways that you can do this may seem a little unconventional. 

One of the easiest – and cheapest – ways to keep thieves from stealing your key fob signal is to keep your keys in the refrigerator or freezer. If you’ve ever lost your keys and been surprised later to find them in the refrigerator, this may not be something that you’d ever consider doing on purpose. Why does this work? When you put your keys in the refrigerator, the metal box prevents thieves from being able to access your key fob’s signal. Of course you should find out from your car manufacturer whether it’s safe for your to do this.

How else can you keep thieves from stealing your key signal?


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It may not be convenient to keep your keys in the refrigerator or freezer, or perhaps you just don’t want to have to move them every time you’re looking for the orange juice. There are other ways to keep your keys safe, and only some of them involve other appliances. 

You can keep your keys in the microwave, which works in a similar fashion as the refrigerator. Of course you need to make sure that you don’t accidentally microwave your keys, because this could start a fire. 

You can also buy an RFID blocker. You may have seen wallets with RFID blockers, which prevent thieves from stealing your credit card number via a reader. An RFID blocker that protects key fobs can come in different forms. You may choose a box for your home, or a wallet or bag for your car or pocket. 

When trying to decide how to best protect your keys and cars, the most important consideration is something you’ll stick with. If you know you won’t walk in the door and put your keys directly into the freezer, this may not be a great option for you. Choose something that will be easy to follow through with for your best protection.