Here’s Why Car Manufacturers Love Racing Games

We can’t all race the track versions of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, or other rare cars in real life. In video games, though, almost anything is possible. There are some very popular racing games, and even some crazy setups to play them. Little did we know that racing-based video games aren’t just for our enjoyment, because they also help car manufacturers along the way.

Popular racing video games

There are a handful of iconic racing video games like Forza and Need For Speed that have been popular for years. Some of them feature concept cars or even rendering that is only based on real cars, and some feature true car brands and exotic cars that you might never actually see in person. This isn’t a clever marketing scheme by Koenigsegg to try and get their cars noticed, either, but video games do have some benefits to car manufacturers.

Driving video games
Driving video games | Ker Robertson/Getty Images

Realistic setups

For gamers who play racing games less casually, there are some pretty intense setups. Realistic controls can enhance the game experience so much that it almost feels like you are really driving the car. While not every player wants to invest in an expensive virtual reality setup, there are other less expensive options that are just as possible. Gaming chairs designed from racing seat manufacturers paired with a steering wheel-shaped gaming controllers, even gas and brake pedals can be included.

Attendees play a virtual reality racing game at the Auto Shanghai 2019 show
Attendees play a virtual reality racing game at the Auto Shanghai 2019 show | Qilai Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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How they help car manufacturers

Video games aren’t necessarily benefitting manufacturers by promoting their brand, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still useful. For a lot of higher-end exotic car brands, the market doesn’t really grow from advertising in video games, especially because some of the cars are so exclusively you have to be selected to even purchase one. For some more common brands like Nissan and Infiniti, video games are a way to showcase their sports cars that are a lot more affordable to the general consumer.

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Who would have guessed that playing seemingly-endless hours of racing video games would actually turn out to be useful? Okay, okay, so maybe you don’t need to binge-play Forza 4 to help your favorite car manufacturer, but if you are looking for an excuse I guess this is it. You might not be setting your sights on the new Koenigsegg Jesko because of a video game, but with an extensive lineup of performance-oriented cars, you might settle on something more reasonable and still fun.