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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, name a more iconic trio, I’ll wait. Although the famous trio left Top Gear for their own series on Amazon, their legacy in shaping the motoring show hasn’t been forgotten.

Rejuvenated with fresh faces like that of Matt LeBlancTop Gear continues to be the most popular show about cars in the world. Its decades of episodes, including all of their road trip specials, will now be available for streaming on the MotorTrend App.

The MotorTrend app

The namesake app of Motor Trend is a cheap streaming service that’s dedicated to providing content for gearheads and petrolheads alike. At a $5 a month subscription fee, the MotorTrend app is cheaper than the vast majority of streaming services. For example, Netflix can cost you upwards of $16 a month for its premium package.

This cheap price gets you access to a wide variety of motoring shows, including the first 24 seasons of Top Gear. The most recent seasons will become available in time, but the entire catalog of Top Gear featuring the infamous trio will be on the app. 

In addition to that, fans of Hammond or May will also get access to some of the other shows that they’ve done in their careers. The first two seasons of Hammond’s Crash Course and May’s Cars of the People will also be available through the app.

If you’re interested in other automotive shows, then the MotorTrend App has plenty of others to offer too, such as Fast N’ Loud, Roadkill, and Overhaulin’. Motor Trend claims that it has over 4,000 hours of content that’s available to its subscribers. 

Furthermore, Motor Trend has announced that it, along with the BBC, will reboot the American version of Top Gear and that the new show will be available through the MotorTrend App. This deal marks a new era in the history of the motoring show, and here’s how that deal came to be.

A partnership

Top Gear has been at the top of the food chain when it came to automotive shows for a long time, as the show is estimated to have over 350 million viewers worldwide. Thus, it makes sense for Motor Trend and the BBC to collaborate like this. On one hand, Motor Trend gets access to over 240 hours of classic Top Gear and on the other, the BBC probably gets a lot of money for selling its lucrative Top Gear streaming rights. 

Motor Trend and the BBC’s new American Top Gear show should also be a good test of the relationship. Motor Trend hopes that by having the entire catalog of Top Gear on its streaming service as well as creating and hosting a new American Top Gear show that many people will flock to its streaming service. 

Although the original British version of Top Gear has reached massive heights, the American versions have not been as successful. The iconic trio was one of the biggest reasons why Top Gear succeeded, and neither of the American versions had hosts that were comparable to the iconic trio.

That’s why Motor Trend is currently taking its time in casting the hosts, because if the hosts don’t have good chemistry with each other, then the show just becomes an average motoring show. As with anything in the entertainment world though, your mileage may vary and you may enjoy the new hosts even if many fans don’t.

Motor Trend will also be taking advice from fans on whom they think should be hosting the new American Top Gear. If you’re a passionate fan and you want to be heard, leave a message on Motor Trend’s social media pages about whom you think should host the new show.