Here’s What You Need To Know About The New Volkswagen Electric Car

As the popularity of plug-in hybrids and electric cars grows, it makes sense that the market availability and variety increase with the demand. The year is 2020 and Volkswagen has stepped up and once again created an affordable and good-quality new car, and this time it’s an all-electric. We might not be getting this exact model in the United States, but this is the European Volkswagen ID.3 electric car.

Batteries and options

The ID.3 will come with three different battery options that not only change the battery size but also options available for the car. Overall, the batteries are the determining trim level factor.

The first battery option is debatably the lowest trim package. It is the “Pure” trim level with a 45kWh battery. It has room for five and is otherwise relatively basic. It has a range of up to 205 miles, though Volkswagen claims that it really can get anywhere between 205 miles per charge and as little as 145 miles.

2020 Volkswagen ID.3

The second battery option is the “Pro” trim which comes equipped with a 58kWh battery. Like the trim before, it has five seats and not too much else to offer. It has a slightly improved range of 185 miles on the lower end and up to 260 miles per charge in ideal conditions.

The third battery option for the ID.3 is the “Pro S” with a 77kWh battery. This option decreases the number of seats to four and has an optional panoramic sunroof for added light and luxury. It, of course, has the furthest range, with a maximum range of a reported 340 miles and, in less than ideal conditions, as few as 240 miles, making it the most efficient package if your daily route requires excessive driving.

The trim levels for the car are reportedly different from just the battery options and include three different trim levels that are slightly different. Volkswagen claims that the battery options will remain between all of the models, making for quite an assortment of options.

The ID.3

The ID.3 is not currently scheduled for sale in North America and will stay in the European car market for the time being, but Volkswagen has been hinting that we should be expecting an all-electric model in the United States within the next few years. Whether the American model will resemble the ID.3 or take the shape of a larger sedan remains unknown.

2020 Volkswagen ID.3 | Interior

Delivery for the Volkswagen ID.3 isn’t scheduled to begin in Europe until this summer, and many deliveries may be delayed to current events that have caused many car manufacturers to completely cease production for the past several weeks. Volkswagen claims that there are currently over 30,000 models of the ID.3 already on order. In US dollars, the ID.3 costs around $30,000 making it a moderately affordable electric car for most people.

It isn’t particularly luxurious compared to some other electric cars on the market, but it does offer a decent amount of practicality and it’s almost simplistic design gives it a modern touch. While we may not be getting the ID.3 in the US anytime soon we are curious to see how Volkswagen continues with their electric cars and what their future designs will have to offer.