Here’s What a Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Could Look Like

Model 3 gray field
Model 3 sedan | Source: Tesla

Here’s to hoping that Tesla will someday make something like what you see here. From the minute the California-based automaker uncovered the Model 3, it had our attention as the entry-level sedan that the brand needed from day one. To date, around 400,000 pre-orders have already been placed. Now, it’s up to company founder Elon Musk to utilize the (more) affordable sedan’s success as a springboard for future models.

According to the guys over at TopSpeed who sent us these renderings, “additional body styles will be critical to Tesla’s ongoing success,” and after seeing their version of what a Model 3 hatchback might look like, we agreed wholeheartedly.

Musk says that the Model 3’s rear support beam was moved in order to offer increased rear bench headroom, which means that the sedan has a much smaller trunk than what is found on the Models S and X. Luckily, Tesla has announced that it will be looking at creating different variants of the Model 3 in order to appeal to a wider demographic, which prompted these sketches in the first place. They also go to show that pulling off a five-door variant shouldn’t be too tough on the eyes or on the engineering department.

Tesla Model 3 hatchback rendering
Tesla Model 3 hatchback rendering | Source: TopSpeed

TopSpeed’s renderings have always been top notch, and we love the way they have taken those bulging fenders and accented them with triangular turn signal lamps. As the eye gets drawn backward, the angled lines of the car offer a raked appearance that is more menacing than what is found on the sedan, and true to fashion, the Tesla’s door handles stay flush with the car.

Across the roofline, the single sheet of glass has now been segmented in order to accommodate the rear hatch, and the rear roof spoiler rests atop a redesigned crossbeam higher on the trunk. Across the hatch, a few other aero enhancements can also be seen, like the set of taillights that tuck snugly into the rear quarter panels.

Tesla Model 3 features
Tesla Model 3 features | Source: TopSpeed

But aesthetics and aerodynamics aren’t everything. As we stressed earlier, one of the key features a Model 3 hatchback could offer is a boost in cargo space. While the regular Model 3 sedan features trunks both in the front and in the rear, a hatchback version would give owners the ability to transport much wider and longer items as well.

Naturally, the drivetrain will likely remain the same as what one would find in the sedan, and even though specifics are still under wraps, Tesla assures that the base Model 3 will be rear-wheel drive, offer at least 215 miles of range, and hit 60 miles per hour in fewer than six seconds. Higher-spec models will likely receive more power via an AWD system and bigger batteries. All versions will likely feature standard compatibility with Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Since the base Model 3 sedan will cost around $35,000 prior to incentives, expectations for a hatchback variant hover around — if not slightly higher than — the same price point. Naturally, higher trim lines will cost quite a bit more, but we don’t see a fully-loaded Tesla “hot hatch” going for more than $55,000.

Hatchbacks may not be all the rage like they are over in Europe or Asia, but millennial buyers are the automotive industry’s bread and butter right now, and this is a generation that was raised on the body style. Unfortunately, TopSpeed says it’s not likely that we’ll see a Model 3 hatch any time soon, especially since so much remains unfinished with existing Model 3 pre-orders.