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The bond between a truck and its owner is certainly special, with most truck owners remaining truck buyers for a lifetime. For decades, people have cherished their pickup trucks, creating memories with the family, working hard, and having fun. And as proof through a recent study, truck owners love their truck so much they give it a name. But what truck name do owners choose more than any other?

The most-popular truck name in America

Back in 2018, iconic truck maker Chevrolet conducted a poll with the help of Harris Poll to get a better understanding of how owners felt about their trucks. The results of the survey help highlight the “connection between owners and their trucks in a new way.” Conducted by Harris Poll, the survey included more than 1,000 adult pickup drivers.

Proving this connection is so special, the survey found 27% of truck owners “love their truck so much that they name it.” More interestingly, more truck owners choose the name “Betsy” for their truck than any other. The second-most-popular choice is “Big Red,” as well as variations like “Old/Little Red.”

But it appears “Betsy” has been a popular option for a while. According to Thrillist, a survey conducted by AutoNation back in 2015 found that American drivers seem to oddly be obsessed with “B” vehicle names.

“Betsy” was found the be the most popular vehicle-name choice for both men and women drivers. But why do people feel so connected to their trucks that they need to name them?

A special connection: why people name their beloved trucks

Unsurprisingly, Chevy’s survey proves that truck people tend to be passionate about their trucks. An impressive 60% of owners claim they could not live without their pickup truck, while 57% consider their truck to be a member of the family. Almost half of all surveyed owners have plans to pass their truck down to a loved one, and almost 40% love their pickup truck more than anything else they own.

This passion may come from a deep-seated connection to the truck. For example, 10% said they’ve either brought home a baby for the first time in their truck or experienced their first kiss in one. Almost 30% of owners say they learned how to drive in a pickup.

But truck owners often spend a lot of time in their trucks, as pickups are used for work, recreation, and more. It is hard not to fall in love with something that supports you so often. 

Initially “built to replace the farmer’s horse,” according to The Drive, the pickup truck is a worker, transporter, and conductor of the economy. No matter where the connection starts, the love between a truck and its owner seems to last a lifetime.

Truck owners tend to be brand-loyal and will continue buying trucks for the rest of their lives. This truck-love can be proved by the steady increase in pickup sales throughout the years. According to Autotrader, a study done by Cox Automotive estimates that pickup sales between the years 2010 and 2022 will nearly double.

Other interesting truck facts

The survey done by Chevy focused on more than the most popular truck names. It found that truck owners overall, seem to be good people. Nearly 90% of pickup drivers have used their truck to assist other people, while 33% have used it to support a charitable/community cause. In addition, 33% report helping tow the car of someone they know.

As with most things, an image is associated with the truck and truck ownership. Nearly 40% of owners believe that owning a truck makes them more attractive and more popular.