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With soaring fuel and energy costs affecting many Americans, some drivers have started to look to electric vehicles (EVs) as a solution. And, with more used EVs than ever before available on dealer lots, there has never been a wider selection available. Of course, it is impossible to even think about buying an EV without considering Tesla. The electric car brand has been synonymous with electric cars, after all. 

Even though some Tesla models are costly, other options like the Tesla Model 3 can be had for around $46,990 MSRP new. Those savings are bound to go even further when you buy a used Tesla

Here is everything you need to know about how much you can expect to pay for a used Tesla.

Do used Teslas sell well?

As it turns out, used Teslas sell incredibly well. However, the process of buying a used Tesla can be more complicated than you think. According to Fast Company, Tesla has a list of disclaimers in their contracts that make Teslas anti-flipper. This makes it harder for Tesla buyers to buy a car, then immediately sell it off at a markup to another consumer. If Tesla notices a purchase has been made in bad faith, a consumer may be placed on a “do not sell” list.

This means that used Teslas you find on dealer lots have been, for the most part, driven and taken care of by their previous owner as their own, and you will be hard-pressed to find a Tesla that has been purchased just to flip for a profit at a dealer. 

With these disclaimers, Teslas can be tougher to find for sale than its competitors. However, that doesn’t mean they are a slow sale, with many Tesla models selling before they even hit the used car lot.

Used Tesla prices by model

According to U.S. News & World Report, Teslas have been selling used for fairly consistent prices based on the model year. Tesla’s cheapest model, the Model 3, sells for an average of $44,272 for a 2018 model. However, prices can exceed $62,089 for a 2020 model. 

The Model S can be purchased cheaper due to its older age, with a typical used 2015 Model S coming in at around $38,879. This price can range up to $100,305 for a fully-loaded used 2020 model.

The Tesla Model X is a polarizing crossover with a ton of character behind its gullwing doors. In 2022, a used 2016 Model X can be purchased as low as $58,650, and as high as $128,643 for a newer 2019 or 2020 model with all the available options. 

The Tesla Model Y, has the least amount of stock on used dealer lots, but it can still be found and purchased for as low as $64,448 or as high as $69,039, reports U.S. News.

Is buying a used Tesla worth it?

A Black Tesla model driving down a city street
Tesla Driving | Skyler Sawyer via Unsplash

Teslas hold their value unlike any other car on the marketplace today. Tesla keeps many components of their cars similar without many redesigns, meaning your used Tesla will always look just as impressive as a new one. With Tesla offering software updates that keep your used Tesla just as up-to-date as a brand-new model, a used Tesla is a wonderful investment bound to last for a long time and hold its value if you ever decide to sell it yourself.


A Used Tesla May Actually Be a Great Investment