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Getting your hands on a new Ford Bronco is almost as hard as getting a COVID test. The insane demand for these 4x4s paired with supply chain issues, recalls, and production delays have made the Bronco quite rare indeed. However, if you are willing to go the extra mile, there are two slightly used Broncos available right now for sale, but there’s a catch. 

A blue 2022 Ford Bronco shot from the front 3/4 at Colorado's Red Rocks
Our fully loaded Ford Bronco test car was dumb, fun, and worth the money | Chase Bierenkoven, MotorBiscuit

How can I buy a new Bronco? 

It’s nearly impossible to get your hands on a new Bronco these days, aside from the luckiest woman on Earth who found a brand-new Bronco Sasquatch Badlands at a dealership last week and bought it for MSRP. Long gone are the days where paying sticker price means you got had. These days, paying sticker price for a Ford Bronco is the deal of the century. 

Are there any Broncos for sale at a dealership? 

Blue Base-model Ford Bronco
Used Ford Bronco | Images Courtesy of IAAI

I’m not willing to say it’s impossible, but it would take quite the stroke of good fortune to see it play out. However, there are two slightly used Bronco’s hitting the IAAI auction. The only catch is that there is a smidge of damage on each. But, hey, a deal is a deal. 

The first Bronco for sale is a blue base model with a soft top. This one is even rolling on the groovy, old-school steelie wheels. The damage on this base model Ford Bronco consists of a smashed-in tailgate and some lighter damage upfront. The listing doesn’t tell how the damage occurred, but it doesn’t seem too extreme, all things being equal. This first used Bronco only has 5,104 miles on the tac. 

The second Bronco is a bit cooler. This used Bronco is the five-door Big Bend model with what looks to be the Sasquatch package. This black Bronco also sports a soft top, and a damaged the driver-side door. This used Bronco shows only 2,504 miles. Again, we aren’t sure of what caused the damage, but it has required the Bronco have a rebuildable title. 

Is buying a damaged car worth it? 

used 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands with a damaged door
Used Ford Bronco | Images Courtesy of IAAI

Buying a damaged car can be a risk. However, the demand for Ford Broncos right now is so white-hot the risk might be mitigated enough for these used Bronco’s to move quickly. 

In this particular case, a used Ford Bronco for sale might as well be a unicorn for sale. These simply don’t exist on the market, well, unless you want to pay an extreme upcharge. A good deal on a Bronco these days just means you only paid full price. 

While these two used Broncos have some issues that need direct attention, the market is such that they are easily well worth the effort. 

How long will it take to order a new 2022 Ford Bronco? 

As of now, Ford Authority says 2021 Bronco production has recently ramped up to clear orders in preparation for the 2022 bronco Production that was slated to begin at the end of December. 

As always, Ford is keeping its cards close to the vest on when orders might be fulfilled. It would be wise to expect at least six months, if not longer, at this point. However, if the supply chains and production delays get cleared, things could very well pick back up. For now, these two used Ford Broncos are probably the best bet. 

See the IAAI listing here.


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