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Ford brands its heavy-duty trucks, the F 250 and larger, as its Super Duty line. For generations, Ford has been alternating its F150 and Super Duty redesigns. It looks like the 2023 Ford Super Duty F 250 and F350 will borrow several key features from the current F150. One of these may be hands-free driving.

Will the 2023 F250 Super Duty be redesigned?

Ford has been selling its fourth-generation Super Duty from 2017 to the present. The automaker refreshed the truck for the 2020 model year. Ford historically introduces new Super Duty generations every five or six years. Therefore, a 2023 redesign would be right on schedule.

Silver Ford F-Series F 250 Super Duty truck towing a trailer loaded with hay bales in front of a barn.
2021 F-Series Super Duty | Ford Motor Company

Spy shots show the 2023 Ford Super Duty trucks with a redesigned front fascia and grille. It also appears that the rear bumper and taillights will be all-new. Because Ford is still covering its test trucks in camouflage, we are not yet sure exactly what the new Super Duty trucks will look like.

It is unlikely Ford will make any dramatic changes to the Super Duty’s door and bed sheet metal. That said, Ford also camouflaged the sides of all its test trucks.

Driving Canada pointed out that Ford F 350 XL test trucks spotted in the wild still had incandescent headlight bulbs. But Ford may offer an LED upgrade.

The interior of the new Ford Super Duty is reminiscent of the latest-generation F 150. Its new steering wheel looks just like the latest F 150 wheel. It retains the column-mounted shifter and at least the base models have analog gauges framing a digital driver’s display.

Will the 2023 Ford Super Duty F 250 offer hands-free driving?

In June 2021, Ford Authority spotted two Super Duty trucks completing test runs while outfitted with autonomous vehicle hardware. This hardware included an array of cameras and sensors on both ends of the truck and an extra array on the roof. Evidence points to a hands-free option for the F 250 and F 350.

A man demonstrating Ford's BlueCruise software by driving his F 150 pickup truck hands-free.
F 150 equipped with BlueCruise hands-free driving | Ford Motor Company

Ford now offers its BlueCruise hands-free driving technology on several trim levels of the 2022 F 150. This technology builds on adaptive cruise control and can keep your truck centered in your lane for you. To use it, you have to keep your eyes on the road and be driving on a pre-mapped Interstate highway.

We do not know whether the 2023 Super Duty will offer hands-free driving, but we do know Ford has been testing this technology on both the F 250 and F 350 for at least nine months.

Will Ford put a hybrid drivetrain in the 2023 Super Duty F 250?

A Ford F 150 work truck with a hybrid PowerBoost engine towing a trailer up a mountain pass in the desert.
2021 F 150 testing the PowerBoost hybrid | Ford Motor Company

Because the latest generation of the Ford F 150 offers a hybrid drivetrain, many truck enthusiasts wonder whether the 2023 Super Duty will feature some form of hybrid.

TFL Truck pointed out that some of the 2023 Super Duty test trucks are wearing a unique new tailpipe. This may well signal a new drivetrain option.

It seems unlikely Ford would offer the F 150’s 3.5-liter turbocharged “Powerboost” hybrid in its Super Duty trucks. This engine would require a different, smaller transmission and might not offer enough power for even F 250 Super Duty buyers.

That said, onboard power is a sought-after option for work truck buyers. A hybrid Super Duty truck, whether it combined an electric motor with the current gasoline or diesel V8, could be a game-changer.

Such a truck would need a large onboard battery. With an inverter, it could offer 110 and 220-volt power on the job site. It could even have a self-jumpstart feature in case its standard 12-volt battery went flat.

Check out TFL Truck’s analysis of the latest Super Duty spy shots in the video below:


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