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In the muscle car segment, not one coupe comes close to how much the Dodge Challenger weighs or how big it is. The massive Mopar is longer, wider, and heavier than many full-size family sedans with four doors. In case you’re in the market or just plain curious, here’s how much weight every Dodge Challenger is carrying around. Spoiler alert: they’re heavy machines. 

Is a Dodge Challenger heavy?

The Dodge Challenger is heavy, and it’s been that way since its rebirth for the 2008 model year. According to Car and Driver, the first Dodge Challenger SRT8 and its 6.1L Hemi V8 engine tipped the scales at 4,150 lbs. That puts the Dodge Challenger’s weight at around 670 lbs heavier than a comparable 2008 Ford Mustang GT. Still, the retro SRT8 packed 425 horsepower, way more than the GT. 

The Dodge Challenger SRT8 weighed a lot and is heavy compared to a Mustang GT of the day.
Dodge Challenger SRT8 | Dodge, Tribune News Service via Getty Images

How much does a Dodge Challenger SXT weigh?

A new Dodge Challenger SXT weighs 3,841 lbs, making it quite a bit lighter than the V8-powered options. Still, the SXT with rear-wheel drive (RWD) is 197.9 inches long, making it longer than a full-size, four-door 2022 Toyota Avalon. 

How much does a 2021 Dodge Challenger GT weigh?

The 2021 Dodge Challenger GT’s weight with all-wheel drive (AWD) is 4,078 lbs, making it quite a bit heavier than the SXT RWD. Even though both vehicles pack the 303-horsepower Pentastar V6 engine, the AWD system pushes the weight up. However, if you opt for a GT RWD, you’ll save over 100 lbs. 

The Dodge Challenger GT is a heavy weight V6 muscle car.
Dodge Challenger GT | Stellantis

How heavy is a Dodge Challenger R/T?

The 5.7L Hemi V8-powered 2022 Dodge Challenger R/T has a curb weight of 4,157 lbs. Adding a larger displacement V8 over the Pentastar V6 makes the R/T a few hundred pounds heavier than a comparable SXT RWD. Unfortunately, none of the V8-powered Challengers offer AWD

How much does a Scat Pack weigh?

The powerful Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack weighs 4,274 lbs. All things considered, the extra 117 pounds is well worth the additional 110 horsepower courtesy of a naturally aspirated 6.4L V8. Still, opting for the Widebody trim will add just 24 lbs for a total of 4,298 lbs. 

A Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Widebody is heavy, wide, long, and imposing.
Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Widebody | Stellantis

How much does a new Dodge Hellcat weigh?

The 2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has a curb weight of 4,422 lbs. According to Car and Driver, opting for the SRT Hellcat Widebody will add 82 lbs for a total curb weight of 4,504 lbs. Still, even though the brutes are seriously hefty machines, they each produce 717 horsepower with their musically supercharged 6.2L V8 engines. The even more powerful SRT Hellcat Redeye weighs 4,430 lbs, about 51 lbs less than Redeye Widebody’s curb weight of 4,481 lbs. 

Finally, the range-topping Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock tips the scales at 4,441 lbs. That means the 807-horsepower king of the hill weighs less than the SRT Hellcat Widebody. Either way, all of these muscle cars are big, heavy bruisers. Scroll down to the following article to read more about Mopar muscle!


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