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This is what the Apple car is supposed to look like. There have been rumors and speculation for years about Apple’s venture into building an electric car. When the news first hit, everyone was buzzed. If it was anything like the iPhone it would revolutionize the car industry. That was back then. 

Does the Apple car look revolutionary?

Apple car
Apple car | Vanarama

But now, we’re almost a decade into Tesla Model S production, every car manufacturer has an electric car of some sort, and there are so many startups we can’t keep track. Of course, those come and go, and with SPAC funding, many are shaky at best. Still, EVs are everywhere.

So this is what the Apple car will look like according to leasing company Vanarama. It is based on the myriad of patent filings and interviews with some of the players. Whether Apple is even in development with a car has been shrouded in secrecy. This becomes as close as we get until something drops from Apple. 

Does seeing these Apple car images make you want one?

Apple car
Apple car dash screens | Vanarama

Does any of this inspire you to want to buy one? Do you even care? Even if it came out tomorrow, does it seem that compelling? It’s slightly quirky, but not in the same way an iPhone was, or is.  

We’re inundated with updates and leaks from various startups wanting to jolt their stock positions. So, the general public is becoming numb to the latest and greatest electric car feeding trough. All of those screens would have been something in 2015. But screens are as prevalent as cup holders in the 1980s. So what’s the big deal?

What was missing was an electric pickup truck. Now, that is old news as well. How many times can you look at a Rivian, Cybertruck, or Ford Lightning, and think it is really something special. Porsche and Audi have done their best at infusing some EV magic into their product lines. But in the Los Angeles area where we are, they’re a fairly common sight. 

We hope there is more to the Apple car than this

Apple car
Apple car interior | Vanarama

As this is only speculation, the hope is that the Apple car, if it even exists, will be light years beyond these images. With the avalanche of auto-related patent filings, we know that something is up at Apple. So let’s just say the EV exists, is being developed, and should see the light of day sometime in 2025. 

Whether that is soon enough to make any impact is hard to say. It has the capital for sure. So once some of the SPAC boondoggles fade away the Apple car might actually be noticed. But we hope there is more to it than just being barely noticed. We think Apple already knows that, but Apple, if you’re listening, we hope there is more there there.  


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