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Most shoppers don’t expect much in the way of fuel economy from full-size SUVs like the Lexus LX. At first glance, the 2023 Lexus LX 600 fuel economy doesn’t look great. However, it isn’t bad when you put it into perspective with other sport utility vehicles in the segment. That large luxury SUV comparison, along with the Lexus LX 600 price and other specs, are below.

How many miles per gallon does a 2023 Lexus LX 600 get?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the 2023 Lexus LX 600 gets 17 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. That works out to about 19 mpg combined and about 401 miles of total range. Lexus uses a 3.4L twin-turbo six-cylinder engine with an automatic transmission to power the 2023 LX. Some of the fuel cost estimates are pretty high, with the annual amount coming in at around $3,450.

There are five different trim levels, but each offers plenty of luxury features. Those who want more seating will be happy with the base LX, Premium, F-Sport Handling, and Luxury trims. The LX seats five passengers, while the other three have seven seats. The LX Ultra Luxury gets four passenger diamond-stitch semi-aniline leather–trimmed seats with embossed headrests. All five Lexus LX 600 price levels and fuel economy numbers are below.

TrimMSRPFuel economy
Base$92,16017 mpg city/22 mpg highway
Premium$100,11017 mpg city/22 mpg highway
F-Sport Handling$106,37017 mpg city/22 mpg highway
Luxury$108,11017 mpg city/22 mpg highway
LX Ultra Luxury$132,25017 mpg city/22 mpg highway
2023 Lexus LX 600 prices

Looking at what the 2023 Lexus LX 600 offers, is the fuel economy worth skipping this model? With 409 hp from that V6 and full-time four-wheel drive, the miles per gallon aren’t so bad. It also gets 479 pound-feet of torque to power the SUV around town. Lexus says it is actually the most powerful engine to go into the LX.

How does the competition compare to the 2023 Lexus LX?

The 2023 Lexus LX 600 fuel economy doesn’t look great at face value. However, what sort of fuel economy is the competition getting? Looking at the 2023 Cadillac Escalade, most options get 14 mpg in the city and 18/19 mpg on the highway. These 6.2L engines use premium gasoline and cost around $4,100 annually. The 2023 Cadillac Escalade V with four-wheel drive gets 11 mpg in the city and 16 on the highway. Estimates for those annual fuel costs are over $5,000.

The fuel economy for the 2023 Cadillac Escalade with a diesel engine is a little better. These versions get between 20-21 mpg in the city and 26/27 mpg on the highway. That’s better than the LX, but not everyone wants to deal with a diesel engine.

Another similar option to the 2023 Lexus LX 600 is the 2023 Lincoln Navigator. This large luxury SUV uses a 3.5L turbo six-cylinder in two- and four-wheel drive. Fuel economy ranges from 15-17 mpg in the city and 21-13 mpg on the highway. Most people pay around $3,000 for fuel, depending on the configurations.

Large luxury SUVs aren’t known for fuel economy

Finally, the 2023 Infiniti QX80 gets around 13/14 mpg in the city and 19/20 mpg on the highway. It comes with a 5.6L eight-cylinder engine and uses premium gasoline. The estimated annual fuel cost is around $4,200, depending on the setup.

The U.S. Department of Energy and say that the average 2023 vehicle gets around 28 mpg. With the 2023 Lexus LX 600, drivers can anticipate paying $7,750 more for fuel over five years than the average new vehicle. The four-wheel drive Escalade would run you $11,000 more, and the four-wheel drive QX80 added $12,250. Lincoln’s 4WD equipped Navigator added $5,250 on average compared to a new vehicle.

Even though the 2023 Lexus LX 600 doesn’t get impressive fuel economy, it isn’t that bad. When you consider all of the added space and luxury features, the fuel economy is kind of impressive. Plus, luxury SUVs are known to have a higher cost and higher costs associated with ownership.


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