Here’s the 2022 Bronco Heritage: Off-Road Retro

In spite of  Ford not being able to keep up with Bronco demand it is forging ahead with more special edition models. These include the Raptor, Everglades, and the just-announced Heritage Edition models. As the name implies, there are a lot of retro cues Ford has added to the popular Bronco for 2022.

The original Broncos from 1966 came mostly with white bumpers, grilles, and stamped steel wheels. That was a common look for many a stripped pickup, not only from Ford but also Dodge and Chevy. Ford is looking to evoke those early days of Bronco off-roading by adding both a white painted grille and those steel wheels, too. 

Ford Bronco Heritage; white steel wheels and grille

2022 Bronco Heritage
2022 Bronco Heritage speculation | Ford/MB

They’re described as “four-slot” for those four window slits along the inner part of the rims. Sizes are still not indicated, but we would expect 16- or 17-inch wheels. We’ve taken the liberty of mocking up what this setup might look like from a standard Ford press image. 

The Heritage Edition will be available with the Sasquatch Package. That comes with 17-inch Goodyear Wrangler tires, so 17-inch steel wheels are probably what we’ll see. There will also be a Bronco Heritage Limited version, which will slot above the Heritage. 

Is the Bronco Heritage Edition a high- or low-end trim?

1966 Ford Bronco
1966 Ford Bronco | Getty

Where does the Heritage slot overall? Probably above the Wildtrak but below the Raptor and Everglades trims according to Muscle Cars and Trucks. Speculation is that Ford might bring a Heritage Edition to the SEMA Show this week, but the LA Auto Show coming mid-November seems more likely. 

Ford doesn’t need any more interest for the Bronco, but these new models were in the pipeline way before the Bronco craziness began. Now, with 2021 Bronco production sold out for months and 2022 reservations piling up, we may not see too many more of these special editions until production begins at a faster pace. 

A face lift and truck version for 2024 have been shelved

A blue Ford Bronco is on display.
The Ford Bronco | Scott Olson via Getty Images

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Plans called for a facelift for 2024 and also the truck version. Now, the truck has been killed, and the facelift is being looked at more carefully. So Ford definitely sees that more models and changes when it can’t get regular production or its hardtop issues resolved means a lot more trouble. So we expect any plans beyond 2022 are either canceled or on hold.

Ultimately, with Ford’s Bronco-brand stores, it is expected that there will be other variants of the Bronco someday. Ford envisions Bronco as an entirely separate brand, able to share many truck and SUV platforms for distinctly Bronco-looking vehicles. So, while the Bronco truck may have been canceled, it will probably appear at another time in the future. At least if the Bronco frenzy mellows out a bit.