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Here we go again. When Rivian finally started delivering R1T trucks to buyers this spring, we saw some selling for big numbers on auction sites. It looks like the same thing is happening with the highly-anticipated R1S SUV version. A bidder has already punched through the MSRP by more than $40,000, taking the 2023 Rivian R1S SUV to more than $122,000 Cars and Bids, and climbing.

Is this Rivian R1S SUV worth $40,000 over sticker price?

2023 Rivian in gray for sale
Rician R1S Launch Edition | Cars and Bids

The Rivian R1S is based on the R1T truck, which with loads of clearance, four-wheel drive, and old-school Land Rover good looks, should match its truck sibling off-road. The $81,000 Rivian R1S is finally on the road, and reviewers have praised its 835-horsepower quad-motor powertrain. It’s a premium SUV, to be sure, but is it worth $40,000 over MSRP to get one?

This particular one for sale at Cars and Bids has the quad electric motor and is finished in El Cap Granite over black, 22-inch wheels, it has the coveted air suspension, heated and ventilated front seats, and an air compressor. This particular one is the Launch Edition, which means that it has the larger battery pack and yellow trim. Rivian started taking orders for the R1S last year, but only recently did it start delivering them. Rivian employees got their Rivian R1s SUVs first, and order holders got theirs next.

It’s déjà vu all over again

2023 Rivian R1S
Rivian R1S EV SUV | Cars and Bids

This is not the first time Rivians have busted through to set record prices at auction sites. In April, when the first R1T trucks were delivered, they sold for insane money. The first Launch Edition truck to hit Cars and Bids sold for $138,000 and others traded in the mid $120,000 range. But those who can wait are not paying around $100,000 for the trucks. We’d expect the R1S prices to mirror those of the trucks as supply starts to catch up to demand.

The Rivian R1S SUV price isn’t the only one spiking at auction sites

GMC Hummer EV in the Desert
GMC Hummer EV in the Desert | GMC

The Hummer EV Pickup is also seeing its prices skyrocket at Cars and Bids. In mid-August, for example, a rare Edition 1 sold for $200,500, which is nearly double the MSRP of the truck. Again, those who wait are saving quite a bit. In April, Cars and Bids sold a Hummer EV truck for $260,000. If you don’t like yours, maybe it’s worth flipping it today?

We expected Ford’s hot F-150 Lightning truck to set records, and on auction sites, they’re selling well, but not at the heights of the Rivian and the GMC. Bidders have taken the mid-level Lightning truck in blue to $86,000 with three days left. That’s actually a little less the MSRP, however, for the Ford F-150 Lightning. The seller’s window sticker shows they paid $80,749 for the truck a few months ago and put 700 miles on it.

How many seats does a Rivian R1S have?

2023 Rivain interior in black
Rivian R1S back seats | Cars and Bids

The Rivian has three rows and seating for seven. The third row is designed to fold flat to create a smooth load floor with the middle row seats. In the Rivian, there is a cargo area behind the third row. In the Rivian R1S SUV, there is a cargo area behind the third row and back seat passengers can control their own heating and A/C.


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