Here Are the Worst Overall Trucks of 2019 According to Consumer Reports

Truck shopping is a challenge. There are a lot of things to look for in a new truck, and everyone seeks different things. However, Consumer Reports found two trucks that are the absolute worst in their categories. We suggest you avoid them. Here’s why.

Worst trucks: Toyota Tacoma

In the compact truck category, which covers trucks that aren’t full size, the Tacoma was the worst truck overall according to Consumer Reports. In the Tacoma’s road test, it gave the truck a mere 42 out of 100.

Despite being redesigned in 2016, Toyota seems to have ignored innovations other truck makers have made in terms of ride comfort and interior design. Among other things, Consumer Reports mentioned the handling was awful, even for a truck, and driving the truck was both noisy and uncomfortable.

Consumer Reports did praise the Tacoma’s large array of standard safety features and the fact that, for a truck, it had pretty good performance figures. Furthermore, for a mid-size truck, the Tacoma didn’t get a great gas mileage but compared to other trucks, it wasn’t too bad. Consumer Reports averaged about 19 MPG in its test of the Tacoma.

However, one big area that the Tacoma fell flat in, especially after its redesign, was in reliability. According to owners of the Tacoma, every Tacoma model before the redesign received the highest marks for reliability. After the redesign, reliability ratings fell, and the latest Tacoma is no different. Currently, there are even two recalls affecting the Tacoma. 

In terms of price, the Tacoma is also middling at best. Starting at about $26,000, the Tacoma is decently priced for a mid-size truck. However, when all the flaws are considered, it’s no surprise owners aren’t satisfied with the Tacoma.

Worst trucks: Nissan Titan XD

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In the full-size truck category, Nissan’s Titan XD was the worst overall according to Consumer Reports. In terms of ride comfort and interior features, it’s not the worst. In its drive test of the Titan XD, Consumer Reports gave it a 50 out of 100. It praised the Titan XD’s towing capacity as well as its excellent ride comfort, which it said was better than many other large trucks.

However, the Titan XD performed the worst in practically every other area. Its handling received the lowest grade possible. The acceleration and braking capabilities were also given poor grades. The Titan XD’s fuel economy was also terrible, as Consumer Reports only managed to get about 15 MPG out of it.

In terms of safety, the Titan XD is largely unremarkable. But in terms of its reliability and owner satisfaction, the Titan XD had very poor grades. In fact, owners of the 2017 model were even less satisfied than owners of the 2016 model. It’s no wonder the Titan is selling poorly.

Furthermore, at a price tag that starts at about $33,000 and tops out at over $65,000, the pricey Titan XD is simply worse than every other full-size truck tested by Consumer Reports.

Potentially even worse trucks

That said, Consumer Reports hasn’t tested a few of the 2019 trucks yet. These include the Nissan Frontier, Silverado 1500 LD, Silverado 3500 LD, F-350, Sierra 1500 Limited, Sierra 3500HD, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500. Given how bad the Tacoma and Titan XD are though, it’s likely they’ll remain the worst pickup trucks of the year.