Here Are The Models Cut At Mercedes-It’s Not Good

Mercedes is getting hit from two fronts greatly affecting current and future models, and not in a good way. Times are tough as manufacturers try to navigate through tough new emissions requirements in Europe. Penalties are massive for not complying with the increasingly stiffer pollution mandates. And in the case of Mercedes, it has shifted huge amounts of capital to developing electric and autonomous cars. Now it doesn’t have development money for almost anything related to internal combustion engine cars. So it is looking at every model to see if low demand dictates it should cut production. That or create an entirely new replacement EV. However you parse the news, it’s not good.

When Mercedes releases the new generation of its big S-Class vehicles later this year there won’t be any two-door models. The S-Class coupe and S-Class cabriolet will be no more. Though Mercedes does not break out figures for each S-Class variant we do know it sells many more four-door sedans than the coupe or convertible combined. 

Mercedes’ ultimate grand touring  S-Class coupe and cabriolet models will be cut

2018 Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe

The S-Class coupe has always been the ultimate grand touring Mercedes model. The cabriolet is a more recent variation of the coupe with a similar aspirational appeal. It’s a big hit to Mercedes in terms of presenting a range of styles in its top-of-the-line S-Class segment.

Next on the chopping block is the CLS and AMG four-door GT fastback. These will be replaced with a single electric model. Though not sold in the US the B-Class will be cut with the possibility of some sort of crossover taking its place. This won’t happen for at least the next couple of years as the current B-Class was all-new for 2018 in Europe then expanding to other countries in 2019.

Earlier we revealed the X-Class pickup would be cut

Mercedes-Benz X-Class
Mercedes-Benz X-Class | Mercedes-Benz

We already told you about Mercedes’ plans to cut the slow-moving X-Class pickup truck. Based on the Nissan Navara it was an expensive jump in price from the cheaper Navara and also the Navara-based Renault Alaskan. There had been rumors of an Atlas pickup variant at one time but that won’t happen with the current cutting climate.

While we’re talking about cuts, there are also new models on the EV front. The EQS sedan will be here in 2021. It will be about the size of the S-Class sedan. The EQA will debut later this year. It is an electric version of the GLA.

While Mercedes will cut some models it has some good news too 

Mercedes-Benz hood ornament
Mercedes-Benz | Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

The new C-Class sedan will arrive at the very end of 2020. It is currently cropping up in spy shots as it undergoes testing in different locals. Along with the smaller C-Class, a facelifted and updated E-Class midsize segment will debut in Europe in the summer. Though similar-looking to the current E-Class, it will have an updated face and electronics. 

At this point, it is already known that the coupe, convertible, and wagon versions of the E-Class will make an appearance along with the expected four-door sedan. We can expect to see these new E-Class models in 2021 in the US.