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Looking for a way to haul ladders on your pickup truck? These are the three best pickup truck racks for hauling ladders: from heavy-duty racks to aluminum racks to budget-friendly ladder racks, there’s something for every truck bed. Here are three of the best truck racks around.

The Ecotric Adjustible is the best heavy-duty ladder rack

Promo photo of a steel ladder rack on a gray Chevy pickup truck.
Ecotric Adjustible Contractor | Ecotric

A lightweight aluminum rack may be great for fuel mileage. But sometimes it’s just not going to get the job done. According to Forbes, Ecotric makes the best, full-length heavy-duty steel rack around.

You’ve probably seen the Ecotric Adjustable on other trucks, it’s the patented black steel pickup truck rack that extends over the cab for added capacity. The adjustable version can fit short or long bed full-size trucks. Its full name is the “Ecotric Adjustable Full Size Truck Contractor Ladder Rack.”

The Ecotric has a 1000-pound capacity. And it’s even powder coated to prevent rust. This is a true multipurpose rack capable of carrying ladders or even lumber.

The Ecotric Adjustable’s weakness is installation: it’s not difficult to assemble, but the instructions are vague and some owners report missing hardware. This is a ladder rack best reserved for the true do-it-yourselfer. You can expect to pay between $330 (Walmart) and $425 for the Ecotric Adjustable.

The Maxxhaul 70233 is the best single-side ladder rack

Promo photo of a single-side ladder rack on a blurred-out white pickup truck.
Maxxhaul 70233 Single-Side Ladder Rack | Maxxhaul

How many ladders do you usually carry? Chances are you don’t need a full-width ladder rack. Choosing a single-side ladder rack may save you weight, space, and money.

Forbes rates the Maxxhaul 70233 as the best single-side ladder rack. You will probably pay less than $100 and its relatively easy to install. Yet it can carry up to 250 pounds of cargo. The 70233’s cargo arms can adjust from 19 inches wide to 34 inches wide.

Because the Maxxhaul holds your ladder or ladders above the right side of the bed, you can always unload them from the sidewalk while working in a city. Unfortunately you will have to upgrade to a Maxxhaul with an extension if you have an especially long pickup truck bed.

The Thule TracRac SR Overhead Rack is the best premium option

Promo photo of an aluminum ladder rack on a gray Ford F-150 pickup truck.
Thule TracRac SR Overhead Rack | Thule

If money is no issue, consider the Thule TracRac SR Overhead Rack. It will run you $800, but it’s made of lightweight aluminum yet boasts a 1,250 pound maximum capacity. Thule’s crossbars are even rated for a lightweight rooftop tent.

It seems as if Thule’s engineers have thought of everything. The TracRac’s crossbars are aerodynamically designed to improve fuel mileage. The TracRac even features adjustable loadstops that can slide the entire width of the rack.

Learn about rooftop tents and other overland camping shelter options or see the Thule TracRac SR in action yourself in the video below. And whatever rack you buy, be sure to tie your cargo down properly.


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