Here Are The Accessories Available For the 2022 Ford Maverick

A list of accessories available for the upcoming release of the 2022 Ford Maverick has seemingly been leaked online. Normally, the accessories are listed at, but if you visit that link the Maverick is not an option. The list was shared by the Maverick Truck Club, and it looks like the accessories are available to order before deliveries of the truck have even started. Some of the accessories available are aftermarket while many are Genuine Ford Accessories.

What are the accessories available?

There are a wide variety of items available, the list contains everything from a paint protection film package to a pet rear seat cover. A fiberglass bed cap is the most expensive thing on the list, at $3,449 with multiple different colors available. Everything on the list is coded based on if it is an aftermarket, Genuine Ford Accessory, etc.

  • GFA: Genuine Ford Accessory 
  • FLA: Ford Licensed Accessory
  • FPP: Ford Performance Part
  • DIO: Dealer Install Option
A list of every 2022 Ford Maverick accessory available from Ford
2022 Ford Maverick Accessories | Ford

Some of the more popular items on the list will be All-Weather Floor Liners for $175, Truck Bed Lighting by Lumens for $199, and the three available bed covers. The bed covers available are “Soft Folding Tonneau” by Advantage, “Hard Folding (In Rail)” by REV, and “Hard Roll-up” by REV. Some users on the original post from the Maverick Truck Club were asking about the availability of the fiberglass tonneau cover like the one the Ranger has.

Does the Maverick have every accessory the Ranger does?

If the Maverick were to receive more of the accessories available to the Ranger that don’t yet appear on this list, here are some of the better options for which we’re hopeful.

  • Power Retractable Tonneau/Bed Cover – $3,179
  • Cargo Bed Sling Organizer – $179
  • Bedslide – $1,649
  • Sports Bar Kit, Polished Stainless Steel – $969

The 2022 Ford Maverick has a lot to choose from as far as accessories as well as factory-included technology. The top-of-the-line Maverick Lariat features signature lighting on the front end. While the body-color power mirror caps, and door and tailgate handles make the truck look that much better. The front bucket seats and rear bench are covered with ActiveX, designed to be durable and resist stains. Technology upgrades include a 6.5-inch display and two USB ports on the side of the center console.

Truck customization

Kitting out and customizing a pickup truck is part of the fun for most truck owners.  They’ve got a long history of lift kits, big wheels, and tons of other mods and upgrades. Surely just because the Maverick is a hybrid you didn’t think it would be any different. The Maverick already has a list of 60 accessories available before it has ever been sold to the public. As more and more information becomes available about the Maverick over the coming months, aftermarket companies everywhere will begin producing their own take on accessories for this fuel-efficient truck. Truck owners everywhere rejoice whenever there is an opportunity to customize the next new thing.

The 2022 Ford Maverick will launch in the Fall of 2021. The XL, XLT, and Lariat models are available for preorder, as well as the accessories on this list. It seems like the accessories are available on the Ford website only in certain areas, so make sure to monitor whether or not you can access them if you wish to preorder something.

List 2 of 2022 Ford Maverick accessories from Ford
2022 Ford Maverick Accessories Continued (2/3) | Ford
List 3 of 2022 Ford Maverick Accessories
2022 Ford Maverick Accessories Continued (3/3) | Ford

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