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The Ford Edge is a highly successful model. It’s one of the most popular SUVs from one of the most popular automakers in the world. However, how does the 2022 Ford Edge compare to the 2021 Edge? What are the differences, and what’s new for the new model year? Find out in this 2022 Ford Edge vs. 2021 Ford Edge comparison.

2022 Ford Edge vs. 2021 Edge: What are the differences?

2022 Ford Edge parked near a building
2022 Ford Edge | Ford

Does the 2022 Ford Edge have a redesign? What significant changes did the automaker give the popular SUV for the new model year? For the most part, the 2022 Edge is a carryover model, sharing much with the previous year. However, some upgrades made trims more valuable, and even some brand new options and colors are available.

2022 Edge vs. 2021 Edge: Black Appearance and Adventure package

A green 2022 Ford Edge, what's new compared to the 2021 Ford Edge?
2022 Ford Edge | Ford

Starting with the 2022 Ford Edge model year, entry-level SE trims can be optioned with the Black Appearance package. This package adds features like 19-inch black wheels and a bunch of black exterior accents. If your goal is to accentuate your SUV with black accents and make it look more stylish, this appearance package is for you.

On the other hand, an Adventure package is available for the SEL trim. This one comes with 18-inch wheels, all-terrain tires, faux-leather upholstery, and gray and black exterior accents. This one is primarily cosmetic in a similar vein to the Black Appearance package. However, the larger wheels and all-terrain tires are a nice add-on if you plan to drive off-road at all.

New dealer-installed accessories and available colors

A red 2022 Ford Edge SUV, there are some new things since the 2021 model year.
2022 Ford Edge | Ford

A few new dealer-installed accessories join the spec sheet for the new model year. Items like a center console-mounted safe are now available to have installed by the dealer. More accessories are always good, as they can be cheaper than buying extra packages with the vehicle. Additionally, having them available from the dealer is good because they can be trusted and always provide a warranty.

In addition, two new exterior color options are available for the 2022 Ford Edge. The SUV comes in Flight Blue and Forged Green for the first time. An expansive color palette gives potential buyers plenty of options to please the eye.

Standard all-wheel drive, a bigger touchscreen

2021 Ford Edge SUV interior
2021 Ford Edge interior | Ford

For the 2022 model year, every Edge now comes standard with all-wheel drive. Forget about paying extra to upgrade; all-wheel drive will be available with every Edge you find on the lot. Pair the standard AWD system with one of the two engine options, and you’ll experience smooth driving on the road.

Finally, the 2022 Ford Edge received an upgraded touchscreen for the new year. It now includes the latest version of the Ford’s Sync infotainment system with a 12-inch touchscreen display. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot come standard with every model. There are also two front USB ports, a few 12V outlets, and an optional 110V household-style outlet for any device.

2022 Edge vs. 2021 Edge: Trims and Price

Did the new Ford Edge get a little more costly for the new model year? As with most vehicles, each model year gets a little more expensive. However, the 2022 Ford Edge makes it worth your while. A host of new features and options and even standard AWD stick out as the reason for the higher price point. For 2022, the Edge starts at $36,690 for the base SE model with destination fees. In 2021, the base model costs $33,995 with the same fees.

2022 Ford Edge TrimPrice2021 Edge Price
Prices and trim levels from Car and Driver.

2022 Ford Edge vs. 2021 Edge: Which one should I buy?

As you can see from our 2022 Ford Edge vs. 2021 Edge comparison, many things are the same for the new model year. Things like performance, efficiency, engine availability, towing, space, and exterior design are the same. However, unlike the 2021 Edge, the 2022 Edge offers standard AWD, a Black Appearance package for the base model, an Adventure package for the SEL model, a bigger touchscreen, and more. Are all of these new features worth the higher price tag?


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