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Article Highlights:

  • Ryan Tuerck takes issue with the stock Supra powerplant
  • A V10 is the answer to a lot of Supra problems
  • SEMA 2021 shows us what the A90 could be

It’s been a few years since Toyota released the new “A90” generation Supra. Since the new car’s release, it’s been subject to its fair share of criticism. At the very heart of that is, well, the heart of the car. A BMW-sourced engine. People aren’t happy about it, to say the least. So, Ryan Tuerck, world-renowned tire smoke producer, decided to do something about it just in time for SEMA 2021.

The current Supra is more BMW than Toyota

A matte grey Toyota Supra with a BMW-derived engine shot from the 3/4 angle at an auto show
Many have made up their minds about the Supra | Daniel Pier via Getty Images

However, before we get to Ryan Tuerck’s ridiculous Supra, it’s important to understand why the Formula Drift driver would so fundamentally change the Toyota Supra. For starters, people aren’t really fans of that BMW-derived powerplant. “Supra” means a Toyota-built inline-six to many, and the BMW influence flies in the face of that, leaving many feeling upset about the newest A90 model.

That said, there’s also a good bit of BMW on the Supra’s interior as well. The Bavarian brand donated much of the infotainment and touchpoints to Toyota. Frankly, given how terrible the brand’s infotainment usually is, this is more a plus. But, that also means the interior doesn’t feel like a new Toyota Supra should. Thankfully, Ryan Tuerck solved all that by simply tearing the interior out in the name of speed.

Ryan Tuerck put a V10 in a Toyota Supra

Obviously, that’s not the only Bavarian bit that was taken out. As you can see in the videos above and below, a truly legendary powerplant was dropped into this Toyota Supra: the Judd V10. Judd has made a number of different V10s for a lot of different motorsports applications. Currently, the brand produces engines designed to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and now Formula Drift.

However, the reason Judd V10s are famous is because of the Benetton Formula 1 team. The team famously used a Judd V10 in their 1997 car. In case you were wondering, it sounds better than any modern F1 car, any Lamborghini V12, any Audi inline five-cylinder. This might just be the best-sounding engine ever. Now, Ryan Tuerck has one in his Toyota Supra, and it makes 750 horsepower.

SEMA 2021 holds much-needed change for the Supra


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SEMA 2021 has a lot in store for the Toyota Supra, but this easily takes the cake. Why even bother with anything else? Plus, a lot of SEMA projects don’t get covered as deeply as Tuerck’s Judd Supra build. The entire build process is documented above. There’s around eight hours of footage to enjoy thanks to Tuerck, who filmed much of it himself. Now, go do yourself a favor and listen to this Supra free of its BMW shackles.