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Harley-Davidson just launched their new Serial 1 line of eBikes. To help give it a little boost it plans on featuring custom one-off bikes. It helps spotlight the line and also gives direction for buyers wanting to customize their eBike. And customization has been critical over the decades to the success of its Harley-Davidson cruisers. It hopes this will also be the case for its Series 1 bikes.

This custom Harley eBike is inspired by Schwinn Sting-Rays bikes from the 1960s

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 custom Sting-Ray banana seat
Harley-Davidson Serial 1 custom Sting-Ray | HD

Kicking things off is this Schwinn Sting-Ray-inspired bike based on Harley’s MOSH/CTY model. Whether you rode one as a kid or have seen them in collections, the Schwinn Sting-Ray has always been a unique and desirable bicycle. And translated onto the MOSH/CTY eBike it looks equally as cool

In many ways, the Sting-Ray mimicked some of the features of old choppers from the 1960s. Ape-hanger handlebars, sissy bars, and even the banana seats were all taken directly from customized Harleys. So this is a Harley copy of a bicycle that was copying Harleys. 

For paint the eBike got a candy blue over silver micro-flake

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 custom Sting-Ray freak dots
Harley-Davidson Serial 1 custom Sting-Ray | HD

The paint is a candy blue over a silver micro-flake base coat. It too reminds us of the 1960s “Spectraflame” candy colors. Panels of freak dots on some panels are pinstriped in a light blue hue. Other panels get a psychedelic stripe pattern. Offsetting certain areas of the frame are white pinstripes. 

In all, the paint presentation is screaming custom 1960s Harley choppers. The finishing touches include the metalflake handle grips and the iconic white leather banana seat attached to a chrome sissy bar.

Harley wants to shotgun eBike customization which is the hallmark of its cruiser bikes

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 custom Sting-Ray rear view
Harley-Davidson Serial 1 custom Sting-Ray | HD

“Customization is such an important part of the motorcycle ownership experience,” Serial 1 brand director Aaron Frank told Rideapart. “For decades, people have been modifying their motorcycles to reflect their unique style and taste. The 1-OFF Series applies this same spirit of individualization and personalization to eBikes, showing people just how much fun it is to create an eBike that suits their own unique personality.”

The MOSH/CTY is a one-speed battery-powered bike capable of up to 20 mph. A 250W motor gets its power from a 529Wh li-ion battery. The range is a hair over 100 miles, and it can be fully charged in five hours. 

You could do this yourself for well under its auction price of $14,200

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 custom Sting-Ray frame close up
Harley-Davidson Serial 1 custom Sting-Ray | HD

Are Electric Bikes Dangerous?

This first custom Series 1 eBike was recently auctioned off for $14,250. That is way more than the price of a stock MOSH/CTY at $3,799. It’s also way more than it would cost you to do a conversion like this yourself. And that’s the point.

You can go out and do your own version just like the hundreds-maybe thousands of Harley owners inspired by choppers like the Captain America bike from Easy Rider.