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When it comes to motorcycles, Harley-Davidson is American royalty. They produce beautiful, powerful bikes loved by enthusiasts all over the world. Sure, they produce bikes of all types. But when it comes to cruisers, can you really find a better ride?

One Harley-Davidson, in particular, was named the best cruiser of 2020 by Popular Mechanics. Which bike was it and why were they so impressed?

The Harley-Davidson Street Glide

When it comes to cruisers or baggers on long American highways, no one does it like Harley-Davidson. Popular Mechanics said that Harley-Davidson “is to cruisers what Heinz is to ketchup.”

The competition may be impressive but with their big engines, loud rumble, and high handlebars, a Harley cruiser is something you won’t soon forget.

Popular Mechanics named the 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide the best cruiser for several reasons. The satisfying roar of the 45-degree V-twin engines and its rich heritage set Harley-Davidson’s huge, comfy cruisers apart from the rest of the pack. If the nostalgia and historical appeal matter to you, you might not mind the $22,000 price tag. And you get a lot of bike for that money.

If the name and history aren’t as important to you, the Street Glide is still a premium bike worthy of consideration by the serious enthusiast. It offers an anti-lock braking system that factors in lean angle, cruise control, a color touch screen, push to start, and more updated features. The Street Glide also offers effective stopping power for the huge bike by way of linked front and rear brakes.

The real draw? According to Popular Mechanics, it’s powerful torque-focused, low design engine makes this cruiser. It keeps the bike grounded through all manner of long highways and tricky curves. It has a good range also thanks to a six-gallon tank.

Reinventing a legend

According to Reuters, recent years saw a decline in motorcycle sales in the U.S. Harley-Davidson has worked hard to be innovative and reinvent itself for a new generation of bike enthusiasts. They’ve added new bikes to their lineup including electric models, hoping to appeal to younger riders who are more environmentally aware.

Yet, despite their best efforts, the company founded in 1903 has struggled to find the niche it would like to have. Are there wealthy, environmentally conscious riders even out there?

Their first LiveWire electric bikes launched with a hefty price tag of nearly $30,000. They weren’t a hit when they first debuted. But then they cost nearly as much as Tesla’s Model 3.

Watching its baby-boomer fan base age, the company has struggled to find ways to reach more fans so it could increase U.S. sales.

A much-needed win

The nod to the Street Glide from such a reputable magazine is a big boost for the iconic American company. Listed not only as the best cruiser but one of the six best motorcycles to ride this year by Popular Mechanics, it’s a big endorsement for the Street Glide and Harley-Davidson.

According to Popular Mechanics, since the 2008 recession, all motorcycle companies have been crafting new and innovative designs in the hopes of attracting new generations. Considering how many bikes are on today’s market, to make that list of six is no small fête. You also have to take into account that cruisers are the most popular bike sold in the U.S.

Today’s bikes have all sorts of new features including traction control, keyless start and stop, and other high-tech safety features to keep you safe on the road. Combining their iconic style with more modern motorcycle features, Harley-Davidson lives on.

With endorsements like this one from Popular Mechanics, the hope is that soon they will see sales rise and enjoy being the preferred ride for a new generation of bikers.


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