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Harley-Davidson is one of the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers. While they tend to be reliable, they still need to be maintained. One thing that bikes and cars have in common is that they both have a battery, and Harley-Davidson owners will need to learn how to maintain or replace their bike’s battery. Here’s a look at Harley-Davidson batteries and how much they’ll cost if you need to replace one.

The first step is finding the right battery for your Harley

Harley Davidson logo, who's parts can come at a high price tag. So, such as a Harley-Davidson B battery cost.
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According to Houston Harley Talk, the first step in replacing a battery on a Harley is figuring out how much cold cranking amps, or CCA, your Harley needs. A battery’s CCA is the amount of power the battery can generate when you start your motor. The larger the CCA, the more power it can put out when you start your motor. 

In general, a Harley will need a battery with a CCA of at least 300. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, and some bikes may actually need a higher CCA than others. For example, riders with accessories on their bikes may need a higher CCA, because some of those accessories can drain the bike’s battery.

Older Harleys, on account of having older parts, may also need a higher CCA. There is a relatively easy way to see if a battery has enough CCA for your bike. There are battery tests that can be done, and if the battery passes the test, its CCA is high enough for your Harley.

For some folks, an additional consideration is the weather. The battery’s CCA is measured at zero degrees, and if your area gets colder than that, you may need a battery with more CCA.

The cost of a Harley-Davidson battery

Once you know how powerful your Harley’s battery needs to be, it’s possible to start shopping for the right one. Just like with car batteries, there are many options on the market. As such, the price of a Harley-Davidson battery can vary depending on the type of battery you need and the bike you’re riding. 

All Harley batteries are built by the same manufacturer, East Penn Manufacturing. According to Houston Harley Talk, the company produces lithium batteries as well as regular batteries. Most Harleys should do fine with a lithium battery, though models built before 1980 will require owners to double check as their charging specs are different. 

Overall, a Harley-Davidson battery can cost between $60 to $400 depending on precisely the type of battery that you and your bike needs. Folks who aren’t sure about what battery they need should talk to their local Harley-Davidson dealership and see what’s recommended. It’s also important that owners don’t try to put off replacing their bike’s battery, as simply recharging the battery may only be a temporary solution.

Why it’s important to get the right battery for your bike

One of the main reasons it’s crucial to get the correct battery for your bike is to save costs. The higher the battery’s CCA, the more it will cost. As such, buying a battery with a high CCA, even if your bike doesn’t need it, it can be a significant expense. If you ride your bike regularly, you’ll have to replace your battery roughly once every two years. 

Folks who ride very often or intensely need to replace their batteries even more often. As such, if you continue buying a battery that has too much CCA, that money is wasted.


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