It’s Hard To Find a Honda CR-V That Consumer Reports Didn’t Recommend

Honda has always been a brand that is associated with reliability and consistency. The Honda CR-V is no exception and is one of the most popular SUVs on the market. The 2021 CR-V has already gotten high marks and been well-received by critics and owners alike.

It is actually hard to find a model year that is not great. Even the 2015 model year, which received the most complaints, and the 2011 model year, which has had multiple issues, are still recommended by Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports loves the Honda CR-V

It is fairly obvious, Consumer Reports adores the Honda CR-V. Consistently in their best of class lists, Consumer Reports has given their coveted recommendation to every CR-V since 2008. The only exception to this is the 2017 model, however, that model year was noted as a green choice.

In fact, since 2008 all models have received a 4/5 or 5/5 reliability ranking, with the only exception again being the 2017, which received a 3/5. They consistently note the great fuel economy, roomy cabins, and abundance of cargo space. For the 2021 model, Consumer Reports ranked is as #3 out of 23 for compact SUVs.

Consistency that is impressive

The back of a Honda CR-V seen at a dealership
A Honda CR-V at a dealership | Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Receiving this recommendation year after year is impressive because it is so consistent. It is not exactly easy to get the Consumer Report recommendation, vehicles have to have a high overall score which takes road test results, owner satisfaction, predicted reliability, crash tests, and safety equipment into account.

These high standards make it that much cooler that Honda consistently puts out CR-Vs that are deserving of that recommendation. Owner satisfaction is also fairly consistent, there is not a lot of up and down, most models receive a 3/5 or 4/5 for that category. And again the key factor is consistency.

The CR-V always gets high marks for reliability, is comfy, and it is still fun to drive. One thing most drivers will agree is the most important factor in purchasing a car is reliability, and Honda has this in spades.

They also really appreciate the consistency, it is tougher to be confident about such a major purchase if there is no history to back it up. When you take this all together and add in the affordability factor, and it is really no wonder that the CR-V is one of the most popular SUVs.

What the Honda CR-V gets right


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Though Honda has had complaints about the CR-V, there is still a lot the company gets right with it. First, Honda actually listens to consumers and adjusts features as appropriate.

What they do not do is go too far in the other direction and try to completely redesign the CR-V. They stick with proven formulas and address problems and concerns after doing their due diligence. One persistent complaint about the CR-V has always been about road noise.

With each subsequent year, Honda works to reduce road noise and produce a quiet cabin. They also continue to upgrade technology and safety features. In fact, even though the CR-V wins several awards, they do not rest on that, they keep trying to make it even better.

With impressive fuel economy and reasonable prices, the CR-V is not only a great car to purchase new, but it is also a good used car purchase and has great resale value.

You can never really go wrong with a Honda, and the CR-V in particular is a sturdy, dependable, and affordable SUV. It really is no surprise that Honda sells a bunch of these or that it is a very popular choice as a used car as well.