Handy Guide to the Ram 1500’s Body and Bed Configurations

Do you know all of the Ram 1500 configurations there are? Of course not, that’s why Ram has a configurator on its website. But do you know what basic body and bed versions and combos there are to even begin to start?

MotorBiscuit can help. We’ve compiled all of the versions of beds and cabs so you can get a better understanding for a start. From there you’ll find different models and packages to option away as long as your money holds out.

Below are the general combos of bodies and beds:

Two Ram Body Versions

2020 Ram 1500 Quad Cab | Ram
2020 Ram Truck-FCA
2020 Ram 2500 Crew Cab| Ram

There are two completely distinct body styles. The upper Ram is all new and is available in Ram’s 1500 or half-ton series. The lower truck is the older “Classic” model being carried over as a budget Ram, and also used for the higher pay load 2500 and 3500 series trucks. The two distinctly different trucks are produced at separate assembly plants; the Classic at FCA’s Warren facility and the new Ram at its Sterling Heights assembly plant.

New Ram 1500

2020 Ram Truck-FCA
2020 Ram 1500 Crew Cab | FCA

All-new last year was the 1500 half-ton Ram. Continuing in 2020 with little changed, it is available with either a 6-1/2- or 5.7-foot bed. The body is available as a Quad- or Crew-Cab version. Shown is the Crew Cab with 5.7-foot bed.

2020 Ram 1500 Quad Cab | FCA

Above is the 2020 1500 with Quad Cab and 6-1/2-foot bed.

Regular Cab Classic

2020 Ram Truck-FCA
2020 Ram Regular Cab | FCA

The regular or single cab still lives in the lower work truck series called Tradesman. It is only available with the 6-1/2- and eight-foot bed. This is how pickups used to look like but with the popularity and versatility of extended- and four-door bodies the single cab is an endangered species. Shown is the single cab with the long bed.

2020 Ram Truck-FCA
2020 Ram Single Cab Short Box | FCA

The short 6-1/2-foot box shown with the single cab.

Dually Classic

2020 Ram Truck-FCA
2020 Ram Dual-Rear Wheels | FCA

When the dual-rear wheel option is chosen the bed also changes. Not in size but in width to accommodate the dual-rear wheels. The bedsides flare out. Only available in the eight-foot bed length it can be ordered with the single-, Quad- or Crew-Cab bodies.

Crew Cab Classic

2020 Ram Truck-FCA
2020 Ram Crew Cab Short Bed | FCA

This is Ram’s Crew Cab, which is also a four-door cab but with longer rear doors than the Quad Cab. It’s available with both a 6-1/2-foot or eight-foot bed. The Crew Cab shown has the 6-1/2-foot bed.

2020 Ram Truck-FCA
2020 Ram Crew Cab Long Bed | FCA

The Crew Cab with an eight-foot bed for comparison.

Quad Cab Classic

2019 Ram Truck Quad Cab | FCA

Ram’s Quad Cab is also a four-door body, but the rear doors have less length than the Crew Cab has. It was available in 2019 but has been discontinued for 2020.

Mega Cab Classic

2020 Ram Truck-FCA
2020 Ram Mega-Cab | FCA

As the name implies this is the longest body Ram makes. The extra length is behind the rear seat for extra storage. This body is available only with the 6- 1/2-foot bed.