Hagerty’s 10 Most Collectible Cars of 2015

2015 Mustang GT
Source: Ford

They might not build cars the way they used to, but that doesn’t mean that cars today won’t still be collectible in the future. Unfortunately, figuring out which ones are destined to become true classics can be difficult. If buying a car that has the potential to be collectible and maybe even eventually increase in value is important to you, the folks at Hagerty Insurance compile a yearly list of what they consider to be that year’s list of future collectible cars.

While some of the cars on the list can get pricey, there are luckily plenty of more affordable options as well. The 10 cars on this year’s list range from a carbon fiber Italian sports car to a German hatchback, so there’s really an option for everybody. Which cars made the list? Which cars didn’t? Take a look and see!

Source: FCA

1. Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition

While it’s not quite as “super” as its sexy big brother, the Alfa Romeo 8C, the 4C is pretty special in its own right, and definitely packs the looks of an Italian exotic. Its carbon fiber chassis and spartan list of options keeps the weight down, allowing it to run to 60 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds despite the 4C’s turbocharged four-cylinder only making 237 horsepower. As the first Alfa Romeo sold in the States since 1995, you can expect the 4C to be quite collectible in years to come.

Source: BMW

2. BMW M4 Convertible

BMW’s M cars are always special, even the difficult-to-categorize X6M, but this generation marks the first time that the popular M3 coupe has been separated from the M3 sedan and designated its own model. BMW dropped the V8 from the previous generation, returning to its famous inline six-engine configuration. Plus, as Hagerty points out, the M4 Convertible is the only M car in BMW’s lineup other than the $120,000 M6 convertible.

Source: Chevrolet

3. Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Muscle cars have always been good at going fast in a straight line, and the Camaro Z/28 does that quite well. But unlike traditional muscle cars, the Camaro Z/28 can also go around corners. In fact, it corners really well. Three hundred pounds lighter than the ZL1, putting out over 500 horsepower, and riding on a suspension borrowed from Formula One, the Z/28 is a track monster that’s actually street legal.

Source: Chevrolet

4. Chevrolet Corvette Z06

The regular Corvette Stingray is already a very capable performance car. Equip one with the optional Z51 performance package, and you have one of the best performance cars on the market. If you can swing the extra cash though, the Corvette Z06 offers a performance bargain that’s untouched by any other car on sale today. You may as well consider it a street legal version of the Corvette C7.R race car that you can buy for well under $100,000. Take it to a track, and you’ll be able to tangle with exotics that cost three or four times as much.

Source: Dodge

5. Dodge Challenger Hellcat

It’s a 707 horsepower monster of a muscle car that has an MSRP of less than $60,000. Just think about that for a second. There is a car with a manufacturer’s warranty that makes over 700 horsepower from the factory, and it starts at less than $60,000. Is it necessary? Not at all. Is it awesome? More so than you could even imagine. If you can get your hands on one, hang onto it like your life depends on it.

Source: Ford

6. Ford Mustang GT Performance Package

The previous generation Mustang will definitely go down in history as a collector’s car, but the new Mustang has something that the previous generation didn’t: an independent suspension. As the first generation of Mustang to leave the live rear axle behind, you better bet it will be collectible. Hagerty says that the Mustang GT with the performance package is going to be the one to buy, too, noting that it’s a true driver’s car.

25th Anniversary Mazda MX-5
Source: Mazda

7. Mazda MX-5 Miata 25th Anniversary Edition

Mazda’s incredibly popular roadster has its 25th birthday this year, which incidentally coincides with the departure of the third generation Miata. The fourth generation Miata is coming, but to say goodbye to the current model and celebrate its 25th year, Mazda is releasing a special edition. Called the 25th Anniversary Edition, it’s a truly limited edition, with only 100 units being sent to North America. The 2016 Mazda Miata will likely be on next year’s list, but if you can ever get one of the 100 25th Anniversary Edition Miatas, go for it.

Source: Mini

8. Mini John Cooper Works Hardtop

While the redesigned version of the Mini Cooper has been on sale since last year, the high performance version, the John Cooper Works edition, is new this year. It’s nearly 230 horsepower might not sound like a lot, but it’s the most powerful Mini ever produced. With a sports suspension, sports exhaust, and improved aerodynamics, the most fun-to-drive Mini should also prove to be the most collectible.

Source: Subaru

9. Subaru WRX STI Launch Edition

The Subaru WRX STI has made a name for itself over the years as an incredibly fun-to-drive car that’s just a roll cage and tire change away from being an actual rally car. The latest generation takes that same recipe and makes it even better than it already was. Hagerty expects the limited release Launch Edition to be the most desirable STI, with its blue paint and gold wheels perfectly matched for maximum collectibility

Golf R 1

10. Volkswagen Golf R

The Volkswagen GTI is the standard bearer for hot hatches, but Volkswagen decided that its famous hatch could use a little more heat. Take the GTI, add all-wheel drive, tune the engine up to 292 horsepower, throw in understeer-eliminating Dynamic Chassis Control, and you get the brand new Volkswagen Golf R. We’ve driven it, and we agree with Hagerty that it’s an amazing performance bargain. If you want a sports car but need something practical, get your Golf R before they’re sold out.

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