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The Honda Civic has shown remarkable longevity despite the increasing popularity of SUVs and trucks. Since its introduction in the early 1970s, this affordable and fuel-efficient compact car has earned a reputation for reliability. The Civic’s continued success is a testament to the adage that sometimes less is more. But what keeps fans coming back? A recent survey sheds light on what makes Civic owners loyal to this iconic car and what they appreciate most about it.

A recent J.D. Power study shows what owners like most and least about their cars

A bright red 2023 Honda Civic compact sedan model speeding past a building entrance with a blurred background
2023 Honda Civic Sedan | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The 2022 J.D. Power Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout (APEAL) study asked Honda Civic owners to rate their vehicles in 10 categories, such as comfort, design, and performance. This annual survey gathers data on the overall appeal of cars by asking owners to rank their vehicles in each category from most to least favorite. The research provides valuable insights into what Civic owners like most about their cars and what areas need improvement. That can help Honda ensure it continues to meet consumer demands.

The 2022 survey collected ratings from owners across all Civic models in the 10 primary categories, highlighting what they liked and disliked about the car. The study revealed that most Honda Civic owners appreciate the vehicle’s exterior styling, driving experience, and feeling of safety while driving. However, the biggest complaints relate to the infotainment system, accessibility, and driving comfort.

Honda Civic owners most appreciate the car’s exterior styling

The previous Civic Type R generation’s styling was a little over-the-top for some owners. The 2021 model had grilles, scoops, vortex generators, winglets, and other exterior styling cues for a generation with a “look at me” vibe. The Type R sat out in 2022 but returned in 2023 with an aerodynamic profile and a more minimalist take on the Civic performance model.

Perhaps, then, it shouldn’t be surprising that the exterior styling was the most popular feature in the J.D. Power survey. The 2023 model features a tall deck spoiler with a vented, minimalist aluminum hood that goes great with the lower, wider stance the Type R has adopted. The grille is positioned lower to feed a larger radiator for better engine cooling. Instead of offering exaggerated prowess, the new model appears to have struck a balance between the standard Civic hatchback and a capable performance model.

Civic owners also like its gas mileage and reliability

Honda’s recent redesign of the Civic represents a strategic move to attract a younger, more style-conscious audience. The 2023 Civic features a sleeker, more modern profile with sharper lines, a lower stance, and a more aggressive vibe. Those cues reflect a design trend that’s more visually striking and refined to stand out in a crowded market.

But the Honda Civic updates are not only cosmetic. The new model also touts a broader range of advanced features and technology to meet evolving consumer demands. It now has a larger infotainment screen, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration, and an impressive suite of advanced driver-assist systems, including adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance.

Despite those advancements, Honda remains true to its reputation for dependable, fuel-efficient vehicles. That reputation has made the Civic an essential part of the compact car segment for decades. Though the new Civic sports a sharper look and the latest tech, it still embodies Honda’s core values of fuel efficiency and reliability.


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