GTO Engineering Making 1950s Ferrari Coupes With Quad-Cam V12 Engines

GTO Engineering out of the UK is steeped in Ferrari lore. It recently reproduced an entire 250 GT SWB. It will do one for anyone that can pop for a cool one million dollars. Since the price of one of the original 74 Ferrari Berlinetta Competizione coupes is well north of that figure, it’s a bargain. Especially, with options like 4- or 5-speed manual transmissions, air conditioning,  and contemporary audio systems. Though, we’d rather hear the sweet tunes of the V12. 

GTO’s Project Moderna coupe embodies the spirit of the Prancing Horse

GTO Engineering Project Moderna rear 3/4 view
GTO Engineering Project Moderna | GTO

So GTO’s 250 GT SWB Revival is an incredible exercise. But why limit these capabilities to only one or two? Now, GTO Engineering is taking this a step further with its “Project Moderna” 250 GT-like coupes. Rather than a reproduction like it has done in the past, this is not a slave to originality. Instead, it embodies the spirit of the Prancing Horse. But the details will still blow you away.

GTO is also developing a quad-cam V12 to power the Moderna. Combined, GTO wants to create this modern interpretation of a 250 SWB but do so at under 2,200 lbs and with a manual transmission and naturally-aspirated V12. Constructed around a tubular steel chassis, the difference will be that this chassis will be all-aluminum. 

“The quad-cam V12 is beginning to be finalized by in-house builders”

GTO Engineering Project Moderna Quad-Cam V12
GTO Engineering Project Moderna Quad-Cam V12 | GTO

From the press release, “The quad-cam V12, with the help of our specialist in-house engine builders is beginning to be finalized. At the same time our designers have been working with us on the outer body to finalize the surfaces before transferring it to modeling,” explains Mark Lyon, GTO Engineering’s founder. “To ensure we keep to our goals we’re working around a custom ‘muletto’ chassis, which is situated in the GTO Engineering workshops. It’s a daily reminder of how we need to not only keep the design’s proportions right as well as weight distribution and ergonomics.”

One need not be shy about flogging a Moderna coupe

GTO Engineering Project Moderna
GTO Engineering Project Moderna | GTO

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Though no price has been published you know it will be steep. But, having what amounts to rolling art always is. The difference here is that one need not be shy about flogging his or her Moderna. That’s because it has no provenance. Plus, it can all be replaced should one climb the turn too hot and punch their Revival into a retainer. We’ve witnessed those expensive vintage thoroughbreds get extensively damaged in vintage racing and it is not fun to watch. 

Plus, with a slightly more modern approach and tolerances, it should outperform its vintage forefathers. As the original SWB Berlinetta Competizione has a single overhead cam V12, the dual overhead cam Revival V12 already has a leg up. Making this the best of both yesterday and today for those who can afford that special place in motoring.