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It’s hard to buy used cars at affordable prices right now, thanks to inflation and supply chain issues. Instead of going after the most popular Toyota or Honda, we recommend expanding your horizons for a better deal. Thanks to HotCars, we now have a list of great cheap rare European cars, all for less than $20,000.

10. Porsche 944 Turbo is a great cheap rare European car

While this one is pricey, we’d say that $20,000 for a Porsche is quite a steal. According to HotCars, only 14,000 examples of the 944 Turbo were released in the States. Models released after 1988 were equipped with bigger turbochargers, boosting the engine’s horsepower from 220 to 250.

9. BMW Z3

A BMW Z3, which is a cheap rare European car.
BMW Z3 | Getty Images

Only 15,000 of these cars were produced on our side of the pond, and you can potentially find one for $8,000. In addition to its unique styling, this coupe can be found with a four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine under the hood. According to BMW Group, the latter allows you to reach its top speed of 155 mph.

8. VW Scirocco R

This hatchback was first released in the 70s, but VW revived it for a brief production run starting in the late 2000s. Examples produced between 2008-2017 can be found for as low as $6,000. The R version makes 261 hp and only needs 5.8 seconds to reach 60 mph.

7. Brabus Roadster

There aren’t many cars that can replicate the fun appearance of this roadster, either inside or out. You can own one for $8,000. While its engine only makes 101 hp, this vehicle still feels quick because it only weighs 1,852 lbs.

6. Maserati Coupe

Despite its age, this coupe costs $15,000 partly because Ferrari made its engine. It’s a V8 with 390 hp on tap, a satisfying engine note, and the ability to reach 60 mph in less than five seconds. 

Some models have the optional Skyhook adaptive damping system. Skyhook quickly manages the responses of certain safety functions and the transmission depending on road conditions. 

5. Abarth Punto Evo

Most Punto Evos only cost around $6,000, and each one comes with a 162-hp turbo-four engine. The exterior has some surprisingly sporty touches, like a rear spoiler and twin air intakes at the front. The engine was also built with a start-stop system to help drivers conserve fuel.

4. Mercedes-Benz CL600

HotCars estimates that less than 2,400 CL600 examples can be found in the United States. This sporty sedan costs $14,500 and has an exhilarating 367-hp V12 engine that promises excellent acceleration. 

3. Vauxhall Monaro

The Monaro comes with a 328-hp V8 and costs around $15,000 today. In the United States, most Monaros were rebadged as the Pontiac GTO. However, low-mileage versions of the GTO are currently more expensive on the used market. 

2. Alfa Romeo 156 GTA

Even though less than 5,000 examples of this car were produced, you can still find one for an average of $8,000. It reaches 60 mph in just 6.1 seconds, powered by a 250-hp V6. Brembo brakes are also included.

1. Volvo S80 V8 is a great cheap rare European car

A used S80 only costs around $9,000 and has a 310-hp V8 under the hood. AWD is standard, and these models have excellent crash test scores. It also offered many advanced convenience features for its time, including a DVD player and massaging front seats.

Because each is quite rare in the States, these cars could become more expensive anytime. Finding one in your area might take more effort, but all of them are well worth their current asking prices.


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