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With the excitement surrounding the amazing and graceful Toyota GR86 sports car, it’s hard to imagine another exciting Toyota development. However, if you’d forgotten about the prospective GR Corolla, you’re about to get a reminder. Toyota’s recent ad showing fearsome driving from Formula Drift all-stars has a tip of the hat, though. It’s a little teaser of the incoming hot hatch that so many are very impatiently waiting for

Is GR Corolla coming to the U.S.?

Toyota GR Corolla Rear End teaser in new GR86 Commercial The Focus Group
Teaser shot of the GR Corolla | Toyota USA

Let’s face it. Car enthusiasts in the United States are no stranger to missing out on cool cars that overseas markets got. Recently, we’ve all been feeling a little left out because of the lack of presence of the GR Yaris. It’s a petite little all-wheel drive turbocharged hatchback. We won’t be getting the little guy. However, it seems that we will indeed be getting its bigger brother, the GR Corolla.

In a recent Toyota advertisement called “The Focus Group,” Formula Drift all-start Fredric Aasbo, Ken Gushi, and Jhonnattan Castro tear up the inside of an abandoned mall. A pair of GR Supras and a GR86 are the focal points of the driving anarchy. However, it’s the end that will get the attention of hot hatch fans.

When Toyota marketing execs pitch a flying-v formation to display the GR family, one is quick to point out that you’d need three cars to fulfill that shot properly. Suddenly, the camera cuts to a dark shot displaying what is clearly the back end of a modern Toyota Corolla Hatchback. It can’t be in the GR family flying-v shot if it isn’t a GR car, right? This is going to be good.

Though the vehicle is largely camouflage and intentionally in the dark, we get a pretty decent look at the rear. The body kit looks a fair bit wider and more aggressive than a standard Corolla hatchback. It features a roof spoiler similar to the one found on Corolla Hatchback XSE models. Despite the low-lighting, it’s already obvious that this is going to be an amazing-looking car.

How much power will the Toyota GR Corolla have?

The Drive reports that the GR Corolla is set to get a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder making almost 300 horsepower. Couple that with the rumors that it’s set to be all-wheel drive and have a six-speed manual transmission, and you’ve got a winner. Frankly, if these figures are met, the GR Corolla will be quite a tough target to beat. \

Additionally, rumors are floating around that it’s set to cost around $30,000. Again, with this performance at that price, it’d be hard for any competitors to hang.

Just as the GR Corolla started drifting out of the heads of car enthusiasts, Toyota and Gazoo Racing pulled us all right back in. Despite the ad’s focal point being the GR86, which is amazing in its own right, they’ve undoubtedly stirred up a pot of interested hot hatch fans. Now, all that’s left to do is sit on the edge of seats with fated breath and wait for a full reveal.


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