Got Teenagers? Don’t Overlook the Honda Odyssey

While lots of parents have transitioned to larger 3 row SUVs, you may be surprised to learn that today’s youth have a nostalgic affinity for the minivan. Similar to teens of any generation, they love to love what their parents hate. Today’s teenagers value functionality, technology, and need space to be themselves. The Honda Odyssey provides all of that and more. 

Got Teenagers? Don’t Overlook the Honda Odyssey

A recent road trip in the Honda Odyssey revealed some teenager perceptions about minivans that were a bit surprising. Add to it that the 2020 Honda Odyssey was ranked the number one minivan by U.S. News and World Report.

Teenagers loving minivan life makes sense in a lot of ways. Here are a few solid reasons that make the Honda Odyssey a perfect vehicle for families with teenagers. 

Teens need space to be themselves

They value the cubic ft. Teenagers may not ever tell you this, but they like being with you. They may not always want to talk to you or make direct eye contact, but they do like being with everyone. They also need space to be themselves. There is no better vehicle to make this happen than in a minivan. 

The Odyssey has three rows, seating up to eight. If you choose a model with a captain’s chair configuration, it will reduce the seating to seven, but it does allow each passenger in the second row to have their own space. The “Magic Slide” second-row seats slide side-to-side, forward, and backward. 

Teenagers are over SUVs

No generation likes what their parents wanted. They are over SUVs. Ask almost any teenager what their parents drive, and there is a substantial chance one of the vehicles in the garage is an SUV. If The Breakfast Club and Footloose taught us anything, it is that teens want to do nothing the way their parents did. 

90’s nostalgia: dad shoes, windbreakers, crocs, minivans

Today’s teens have a different idea of what’s cool. They like wearing brightly colored windbreakers. Their favorite footwear is the crocs and dad shoes that make their parents cringe. Minivans are the perfect pairing to their aesthetic. It’s a bit nostalgic for them as well. Minivans took them to soccer practice, kindergarten, and every notable moment they had growing up to this point. While it has an air of familiarity, it also speaks of safety. 

The Honda Odyssey is one of the safest minivans on the market. Featuring the full range of Honda Sensing including lane keep assist, road departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and pre-collision braking, A multi-angle rearview camera is also standard. 

Technology is important to teens; The Honda Odyssey is loaded with it

Technology and music are embedded in the culture of who we are. Luckily for the teenagers in our lives, minivans are loaded with it. Yet another reason, teenagers love a minivan. The Odyssey’s standard features include a seven-speaker stereo, Bluetooth, and two USB ports. Upgrade the 5- inch screen display screen to the available 8-inch touch screen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, satellite radio, navigation, a rear-seat Blu-ray entertainment system, a Wi-Fi hot spot, an 11-speaker sound system, and wireless device charging to keep everyone happy and connected on the road. 

The Odyssey is one of the best minivans you could choose to buy. The combination of space, comfort, technology, and overall satisfaction is well worth the consideration. You may just get a smile or two out of your teenagers.