Gorgeous Karma SC1 Concept Coming to Pebble Beach

Karma will be reaching beyond their Revero sedan when they debut their new SC1 Vision Concept in Pebble Beach, California. The Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance has become a fertile venue for high-end manufacturers to debut concepts and production cars. After all, the Concours attracts many monied participants and spectators–the precise audience these high-end cars want to attract.

The SC1 Vision Concept debuted at the Auto Shanghai 2019, back in April, but has not been seen in the flesh here in the states. That’s about to change with this latest news via Autoblog.

Hughes H-1 Aircraft Inspired

Karma says this concept hints at future design and technology the company is pursuing. Expanding on the design itself, Karma’s press release says the SC1 Vision is inspired by the 1930s Hughes H-1 racing airplane. 

The SC1’s proportions follow racing aircraft styling with the cabin pushed far back into the fuselage exhibiting an extremely long front end. Frameless windshield, headrest bumps, and topless features hint at Porsche Speedster-like cues

Shredded Flaked Carbon Fiber

Besides its exaggerated styling, the SC1 features exotic scissors doors. Inside the driver is separated from the passenger cockpit-style. Scattered throughout the interior are panels of shredded and flaked pressed carbon fiber, similar to Lamborghini’s Forged Composites surfaces that look like composite plywood. Only in gray. Just saying… Two infotainment screens are found in the dash.  


Based on the press release the car that will be shown is a pusher–only a concept without mechanicals. If produced Karma says the SC1 would be all-electric, with batteries hiding within the center console. Taking electronic technology a step further, the actual production car would come with 5G connectivity and biometric ID for personal settings.


Karma envisions the concept incorporating eight radars, six Lidar sensors, and six exterior cameras, aiding in the goal of eventually offering fully autonomous driving capability. We can’t see that happening anytime soon, but the Karma concept can be seen next week at the Pebble Beach Concours on Sunday, August 18, 2019, in Monterey, California.