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  • Volvo cars can soon be started from home using Google voice assistant
  • YouTube integration into Volvo models is coming with the new software
  • We don’t know to what extent you’ll be able to play video in your Volvo

It would appear that the Swedes in Gothenburg are leaning heavily into their partnership with Google. Those Swedes are, of course, the ones at Volvo. Unveiled at CES on Wednesday, new tech will allow you to control that Gothenburg-made new car, wagon, or SUV with your voice. Just don’t talk about those shoes you wanted to buy in front of your Google Home or it’ll be all over your YouTube ads.

A new Volvo car shown during a snowstorm with the overlayed text: Hey Google, warm up my Volvo
Volvo and Google Home will soon work together | Volvo

What does Google Home do?

Google Home is the competition to Amazon’s Alexa in-home voice assistant. It does more than just change your ads based on the things you talk about. Now, it wants to help you control your car. As more and more new vehicles make the head-first leap into new technology, Volvo wants to use the in-home assistant to stay ahead of the competition, bringing the smartphone war into your car. The best, and most useful example, is the one pictured above.

Thanks to remote start technology, you can tell your smart assistant to get the car running before you go out. However, beware, as remotely starting a car might be illegal where you live. Walking out to a warm car is always a plus, but Volvo says it has far more functionality planned when the system rolls out over the coming months.

Volvo wants to use your house to control your car

A Google Home virtual assistant that allows you to issue commands to YouTube and a number of other applications
A Google Home virtual assistant | Todd Williamson via Getty Images

The “Hey Google” function is incredibly useful in a hands-free environment, and Volvo plans to capitalize on that in their new cars. Soon, you’ll be able to do more than just start the car from the couch. Google and the folks in Gothenburg say you’ll be able to fetch specific car-related data from the couch soon too. Really, this is the real benefit. Should both brands lean into this tech, you’ll be able to know what’s wrong with your Volvo before you even leave for the dealer.

Volvo’s infotainment is run on Google software, so we imagine there’ll be plenty of added functionality in relation to that soon after release. Once the Google/Volvo pairing does go live, you’ll also be able to download YouTube onto your in-car infotainment system. Given Volvo’s safety-first approach to cars, this one’s a little surprising. Obviously, in-car video might be distracting to drivers. That said, we’re willing to bet it only works when the car is parked, knowing Volvo.

Future car tech seeks to turn your car into an extension of your phone

A Google Home device pictured on an end table in a home
Volvo wants to bring your car into your home | Volvo

EVs started the “make your car like your phone” trend, and now new petrol cars have enough tech and functionality to push that integration even further. With features like voice command and YouTube integration becoming the norm, consumers expect more and more of their cars with each passing day. Whether we soon reach a level that’s “too much” too soon remains to be seen.


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