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Car sales have been facing some of the toughest conditions in recent memory lately, thanks to supply shortages caused by the pandemic. While manufacturers have struggled to produce new vehicles, used car sales have gone through the roof. Given these factors, manufacturers have canceled some of their less popular models. 

Car and Driver has laid out a list of the vehicles that have already been canceled in 2021. There are several different types of cars on the list, from economy cars all the way through to pricey SUVs. Here’s a look at the models on their way out. 

Honda Clarity (PHEV and Fuel Cell)

A red 2021 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell driving on a highway with an urban city in the background
The 2021 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell model | American Honda Motor Co., Inc

The Honda Clarity had been struggling for a while, with its electric model retired in 2020. Now, in 2021, the plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell versions have also been canceled. If you really want to drive this car before it’s gone, it’ll be available as a lease through 2022, with Clarity Fuel Cell leases limited to California. 

Hyundai Veloster

Unfortunately for those who are particularly budget-conscious, the compact Hyundai Veloster is soon to be no more. Just 2,205 Velosters were sold in the first six months of 2021, so it’s not totally surprising that Hyundai decided to cancel the regular Veloster. At least for now, though, the Veloster N will remain in production.

Mazda CX-3

A subcompact crossover, the Mazda CX-3 was never known for its ample cargo space. It also had some reputational challenges, even landing on Consumer Reports‘ dreaded ‘Used Cars to Avoid’ list at one point. It will now live vicariously through the CX-30, which was released in 2020 and offers more room for passengers and cargo.   


The Mazda6 was a midsized family sedan that generally competed with the Honda Accord and Hyundai Sonata. What this vehicle lacked in comparison with its competitors was a hybrid trim. The cancelation of the Mazda6 leaves the Mazda3 as the only sedan in the manufacturer’s lineup. However, this decision probably made business sense since the Mazda3 outsold the Mazda6 every year from 2005 through 2020. 

Polestar 1

It’s not really a surprise that we have to bid farewell to the Polestar 1 this year. Produced by a partnership between Volvo and Greely, this stylish plug-in hybrid was always intended as a limited edition model. It’s kind of too bad, though, because this coupe has all the makings of a classic vehicle. While the price tag for this car was steep at $150,000, it could make for a good investment. Now that it’s being retired, that advice seems even more likely. 

Toyota Land Cruiser

Speaking of investment vehicles, the Land Cruiser is another contender. Sales soared in early 2021 after its discontinuation in the U.S. was announced. For 70 years, the Land Cruiser has had a reputation as one of the best vehicles in the world for off-roading. Whether trekking through the desert or climbing the mountains, it always got drivers where they wanted to go. 

Volvo V60 and V90 

Like many station wagons, the Volvo V60 and V90 are now a thing of the past. It’s becoming harder and harder for wagons to compete with SUVs and crossovers, and unless you’re the Subaru Outback, breaking into what’s left of the wagon market can be a challenge. It’s too bad they were canceled, too, because we’ve praised these Volvo wagons in the past. 

Volkswagen Passat

The Passat is another sedan that never really broke through in the U.S. market, dominated by the Accord and Sonata. Its bestselling year was all the way back in 2012 when it sold around 117,000 units– nowhere near the 480,000 units combined that the Accord and Sonata were racking up. If you’re a Passat fan and want to grab one up before they disappear, you might want to consider the Passat Limited Edition being put out to celebrate its end on the road. This Limited Edition model will honor the Passat’s U.S. manufacturing home city, Chattanooga, Tennessee. 


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