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Sticker shock is a real thing when RV shopping commences. Not everyone can afford a six-figure motorhome to take out a few weekends each year. For adventurous families that need a good RV on a budget, here are three travel trailers for under $20K.

Updated: 9/14

The Keystone Hideout travel trailer in a press photo against a white backdrop
Keystone Hideout | RV USA

The Keystone Hideout

According to RVing Planet, the Keystone Hideout is a good RV travel trailer for under $20K. It offers 55-floor plans and probably has something for most RV shoppers in its range of configurations. In fact, the Keystone Hideout is a good RV on a budget because it has such a range of features and floorplans.

Like the others listed here, the Keystone Hideout trailer has many customizable features and available upgrades. Not everyone is the type that wants to bring a TV along on the adventure. But for those that do, Camper Trailer Report notes that the Keystone Hideout has a 50-inch television. 

There’s an available six-point electric auto-leveling system. In addition, buyers of the Keystone Hideout travel trailer can also opt for the 5.5 kW LP generator. Not only that, but Crow Survival also notes this camper for its hidden laundry chute and homey interior. 

The Coachmen Freedom Express 

Coachmen freedom express RV travel trailer in a press photo in the forest
The Coachmen Freedom Express | Coachmen RV

According to Crow Survival, the Coachmen Freedom Express travel trailer is a great option for those who want something customizable. In fact, there are 26 different floor plans. Because it offers all these options, the Coachmen Freedom Express also comes in various lengths. 

The configurations each weigh differently. The shorter models (22 feet) are light enough for towing behind a minivan or midsize SUV. However, for families that opt for one of the longer models (36 feet), a tougher towing machine. 

“Durable is what describes the Coachmen Freedom express travel trailer best.”

RVing Planet

RVing Planet writes that the Coachmen Freedom Express sleeps 4 to 10, so this is a suitable budget RV travel trailer for a wide variety of adventurers. It also notes that the Freedom Express 292BHDS and the Freedom Express 28.7SE are good RV travel trailers for under $20K. Although features between the two aren’t wildly different, RVing Planet says it would recommend these RVs to anyone looking for a good RV on a budget. 

The Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite 

Forest River Flagstaff micro-lite trailer in a press photo against a white backdrop
Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite | Forest River Inc.

This is another RV travel trailer under $20K that proves you can find a good RV on a budget. The Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite travel trailer boasts lovely slate-colored wooden accents in the living area. Like the others listed here, the Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite offers a wide variety of floor plans. 

They all come inside an aluminum frame built for the roof, sidewalls, and floor of this trailer. Not only that, but this Forest River model is already wired and ready for backup cameras and solar panels. Plus, for campers who love a good view, there are nice tinted bonded frameless windows.  

A good RV on a budget

Many RV models, travel trailers, and campers cost buckets of cash. However, it is actually possible to find a good RV on a budget. If you know what your family’s needs are, that can really help narrow things down so that you can find exactly what fits the bill. And you can find one that’s affordable.

The Keystone Hideout, Coachmen Freedom Express, and Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite trailers are all good options. Each one offers customization and homey amenities. Plus, these are all good RV travel trailers under $20K.