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The much anticipated Lucid Air EV is finally out, and owners that paid as much as $150,000 or more are finding EV bliss. They’re also finding that their new sedans are bricking. And that’s not all. There are other problems popping up resulting in complaints lodged with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

What are Lucid Air owners saying?

Front angle view of maroon 2023 Lucid Air, electric car alternative that costs less than Tesla Model S
2023 Lucid Air | Lucid

Recently, Insider got wind of the issues and interviewed about 20 owners to see what they thought. Owners experiencing glitches with their EVs are, for the most part, satisfied. Most have dismissed these issues as mere inconveniences. But how happy can you be when they put their cars into Reverse and it goes forward instead?

The litany of issues befalling Lucid owners is increasing. As of now, there have been reports of drive-system problems, assorted battery errors, and unwanted instances of “Turtle Mode.” That’s when the car shuts down or goes into limp mode to protect the system from damage of some kind. 

How is Lucid handling these glitches?

A Lucid Air, potentially as Lucid is ramping up production.
Lucid production line | David Paul Morris via Getty Images

Lucid has issued 19 over-the-air software updates this year alone. Between now and January 1, it expects to send out an additional 14 updates. As for the bricking and glitch problems, Lucid is repairing cars individually. Unfortunately, some of the repairs are taking weeks to complete. To forego more inconvenience we’re assuming a loaner car is supplied. 

For its part, Lucid has been mum. That becomes a double-edged sword because addressing the problems publicly brings attention to them. But not addressing it has the look of not being honest about the cars. Some owners are concerned about what else aren’t they being told. So Lucid is walking a fine line here.

This all adds to the already bumpy ride the company is experiencing. In March, it raised prices substantially. Then in September, two of its top manufacturing team members left the company, with four other top management executives hitting the exits, according to Business Insiders. 

Is Lucid seeing more production?

Rear angle view of blue 2023 Lucid Air, which has a higher driving range than all Tesla models
2023 Lucid Air | Lucid

Some of these departures may involve Lucid’s production ramp-up, or rather, inability to ramp up. The company signaled that it would see a 20,000 Air output. It lowered those numbers to between 12,000 and 14,000 in February. Then in September, CEO Peter Rawlinson announced revised production numbers again. 

“We’re overhauling our logistics processes and introducing a series of improvements to simplify the system, and yet make it more efficient and robust,” he said. “Our guidance of 6,000 to 7,000 cars for the year, I believe, is a very balanced and realistic guide for the future.”

That may be true, but investors and waiting customers expected something more positive. Especially, since Lucid has had so much time to initiate and refine production. The most recent estimates for wait times are between four to five months from confirmation to delivery.


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