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Thousands of off-roaders flocks to Utah every year to climb mountains, head up rocky trails, and take on some of the challenges offered in this rough and rugged state. While Moab is the most popular site and where Jeep hosts its annual Easter adventure, seeing a massive Chevy truck drive up a nearly vertical mountain face is something amazing.

The unexpected Chevrolet truck in question

We might expect a later model vehicle to handle the off-road challenges with precision and electronics. Still, the truck that rode up the Chute in Sand Hollow is a massive, dually Chevy Square Body from the 1973 to 1991 generation. According to Motor 1, this was one of the longest-running vehicle generations in history. This truck is likely from the mid-1980s, and it certainly has a gasoline engine under the hood.

Smaller SUVs expect to make this climb, not a big truck

Chevy CK30 Tow Truck similar to the one that made the hill climb
Chevy CK30 Tow Truck | Shutterstock

The path up the Chute appears to be too narrow for a big dually tow truck, but the driver of this Chevrolet, David Hellman, pushes the Chevy K30 up the side of the mountain with precision and expertise. As he reaches the top, you can see that only two of his four rear wheels are still touching the sides of the path, but the truck makes it over the top.

David is an experienced off-roader that often pulls other vehicles out of trouble out on the trails. Using this old Square Body Chevy to pull some newer Jeeps out of trouble gives him a bit of brand bragging points when he’s driving around.

How steep is the Chute at Sand Hollow?

This nearly-vertical cliff face rises up 70 feet above the lower sand dunes in Sand Hollow State Park, according to Winter 4X4 Jamboree. It’s pretty easy to see how smaller off-road vehicles can handle this path, especially if they have the right equipment, but the big Chevy K30 Dually is something else entirely.

Driving this Chevy truck isn’t for everyone

The Chevy K30 that David takes up this steep climb isn’t your ordinary truck. While it may have the stock engine, it’s certainly received a few upgrades that give it more ground clearance and better 4WD qualities. What’s more than that, the driver behind the wheel shows the skills of years of driving on trails in Utah. The Chute is certainly not a trail that novice off-roaders should attempt to drive unless they want to experience a truck flipping over and falling down the Chute.

This truck is the most interesting model to take on this challenge

Seeing this big dually pickup truck take on the Chute made me wonder if other vehicles have tackled this challenge. Most of the other videos and images found of off-roaders taking on this vertical challenge included Jeep Wranglers made for this amazing climb. Based on search results, it seems there isn’t much variety in the vehicles that have done this climb, but David and his big Chevy K30 handled the job with ease.

If you’re thinking about buying a used truck for some off-road challenges, the next article offers you some great options.


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