Go Beyond the Pavement With This Overland SEMA Ford Expedition

While some SEMA builds, like the electric Chevy E-10 and Dodge D200 Lowliner, are high-end one-offs, quite a few are built with more attainable parts. For this year’s show, Ford brought in an armada of F-150s, Super-Duties, and Rangers to show off just how customizable the automaker’s trucks were. And the most common build theme was off-roading. But pickup trucks aren’t the only overlanding sleds. The Ford Expedition SUV can also be tuned for more extreme off-roading. And LGE-CTS Motorsports, who collaborated with Jay Leno on his Bronco, can make one for you.

LGE-CTS Ford Expedition off-road modifications

Originally shown at the 2017 SEMA Show, according to Truck Trend, the Ford Expedition pictured was actually a bit of a running prototype. The SUV was significantly redesigned for 2018, meaning tuners and modifiers didn’t have a real guide to follow. However, considering the Expedition was later featured on the cover of Truckin, it’s clear the family-owned LGE-CTS Motorsports did a phenomenal job.

2018 LGE-CTS Motorsports SEMA Ford Expedition suspension detail
2018 LGE-CTS Motorsports SEMA Ford Expedition suspension detail | Bring a Trailer

LGE-CTS first installed an Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2.5” Stage 2 lift kit, the design of which was also being tweaked with this Expedition as the demo SUV. These coilovers also include remote reservoirs, like the Bronco R’s, and 10 levels of adjustability. The Ford Expedition was also equipped with Icon upper suspension arms, and Hellwig sway arms to help deal with the added weight while allowing proper articulation.

2018 LGE-CTS Motorsports SEMA Ford Expedition front
2018 LGE-CTS Motorsports SEMA Ford Expedition front | Bring a Trailer

The LGE-CTS Ford Expedition also received parts that would eventually spawn the company’s Baja Forged line. The list includes a new front bumper with skid plate and LED light bar, as well as a new rear bumper and roof rack. The fender flares, though, are from the F-150 Raptor. Those flares were necessary because Ford Authority reports the SUV was fitted with 35” BFGoodrich mud tires, mounted to 20” Method wheels.

Rounding out the overlanding features is an ARB rooftop tent and awning. The Ford Expedition’s 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 has been left stock, as has the 10-speed automatic. However, LGE-CTS did install a Ford Performance Borla cat-back exhaust. Bring a Trailer (more on this in a moment) also claims the SUV received a Sparta Evolution brake kit.

Additional mods

Although LGE-CTS did a lot to get the Ford Expedition ready to hit the rocks, the company didn’t modify the interior. For that, the SUV was sent to Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery.

2018 LGE-CTS Motorsports SEMA Ford Expedition interior
2018 LGE-CTS Motorsports SEMA Ford Expedition interior | Bring a Trailer

The Ford Expedition retains its stock heated-and-cooled seats and airbags, so it’s just as safe as it is new. However, Rogelio’s team modified the factory leather seats with custom blue-and-gray inserts and yellow/gold stitching. There’s also an ARB combo fridge/freezer in the back, along with some ARB camping chairs.

But it’s not like Ford left the Expedition barren. In addition to the seats, there’s a touchscreen infotainment system with Kicker audio and a lockable center-console box.

How to get your own overlanding Ford Expedition

2018 LGE-CTS Motorsports SEMA Ford Expedition
2018 LGE-CTS Motorsports SEMA Ford Expedition | Bring a Trailer

As of this writing, LGE-CTS’ actual SEMA Ford Expedition is being auctioned off on Bring a Trailer. The current bid is $33,500. Considering the SUV has done less than 10,000 miles, that’s actually a bit of a bargain. Especially with all the off-roading modifications. However, Ford Authority does claim this specific SUV doesn’t have four-wheel drive.

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But, if you would like an overlanding Expedition of your own, LGE-CTS can make one for you. All the parts installed have since become regular production parts, which should cut down on cost and lead-time. A 4WD-equipped Expedition starts at $57,610. True, it won’t be an actual SEMA vehicle. But at least the SEMA Ford Expedition led directly to you being able to mount an expedition of your own.