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Tailgaters are always looking for new and better ways to experience the game. Thanks to the Kicker audio system, GMC Sierra truck owners can now take their tailgating experience to the next level. Here are a few of this system’s features that make it perfect for enjoying outdoor entertainment.  

Found inside the MultiPro tailgate

Kicker is a 100-watt audio system that is situated inside the truck’s available MultiPro tailgate. Available on GMC Sierra models, the automaker bills the MultiPro as “two tailgates in one.”

It consists of a traditional tailgate with hinges on either side to help you raise or lower it. Inside that tailgate is a smaller gate with its own hinges. You can raise or lower the two tailgates in various combinations to create a step, extend the bed length, or access the Kicker entertainment system.

The MultiPro tailgate is an add-on feature that is installed at the dealership. The Kicker system is an optional upgrade to this tailgate that you may use in order to get even more out of it.

About the system

The Kicker system has well-designed speakers, an amplifier, and two 4″ coaxial drivers. It is separate from the vehicle’s infotainment system that is located inside the truck. As such, you can operate it solely from outside, and will not have to worry about keeping your truck idling or running your battery down.

Designed for rugged use

Kicker’s amplifier and other components were manufactured with the same technology used in entertainment systems for boats and RVs. The Kicker MultiPro has a weatherproof IP66 Non-Submersible rating for its amplifier and speakers, and its other parts are made to withstand dirt, moisture, and other outdoor hazards.

GMC also put the MultiPro tailgate through extensive testing to ensure it was rugged and durable. One of the design engineers, Derek Patterson, stated that “We exhaustively test every tailgate on our trucks, but we went even further with the MultiPro.” He claims that the testing involved everything from slamming the tailgate to loading heavy equipment using ramps.

How to access the tailgate audio system

Lower the tailgate to its “full-width” step position by pressing the release button on the back of your tailgate. From there, you can simply drop down the inner gate to expose the Kicker system. The lights on your tailgate remote will then come on, indicating that it is ready to use. You can then connect a Bluetooth® device, and will be able to completely control the system anywhere within a range of about 100 feet.

To turn the system off, fold the inner gate back into the main gate and then return it to its upright position. You may also power the unit off manually and then leave the tailgate in its step position.

Versatile and functional

In addition to its Bluetooth capabilities, the Kicker MultiPro also comes with USB and auxiliary ports. You can also use the USB port for charging, even while using the auxiliary port or Bluetooth to connect another device.

If you have a SiriusXM Satellite Radio subscription, you can listen through the Kicker MultiPro via Bluetooth®. Just download the SiriusXM app onto a tablet or smartphone and then connect. Accordingly, you can actually enjoy the entertainment system any time, not just when you are tailgating.

The Kicker sound system provides you with more ways to enjoy tailgating, and allows you to get even more from your GMC’s MultiPro system. With Kicker, you will always be ready for outdoor entertainment no matter where your travels take you.