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Headlights are easy to overlook but get everyone’s attention when they’re too bright. Several GMC Terrain model years are under recall for that very issue. But some owners are not happy with GMC’s solution. One owner even calls the fix “unprofessional and ridiculous.”

A recent GMC Terrain headlight recall affects over 700,000 SUVs

2017 GMC Terrain headlight recall fix
2017 GMC Terrain SLT | GMC

Complaints of excessively bright headlights have plagued certain GMC Terrain models. Most of the recalled units are 2010 to 2017 models. The issue worsens during inclement weather, such as sleet, snow, and fog. When this happens, oncoming drivers often find themselves blinded. 

So the automaker has recalled 740,581 GMC Terrain units. Because of the large number of vehicles involved, many observers were curious to see how GMC would address the issue. Now, we have more information, and many affected Terrain SUV drivers are frustrated with the automaker’s solution. 

GMC’s fix for Terrain headlights has some owners fuming

GMC wanted an exemption from fixing the problem despite “admitting the bright spot could cause glare” and knowing the affected Terrain headlights were “out of compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards,” Autoblog reports. But the automaker also argued that “the errant beam didn’t affect other road users.” However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said the light was “four times brighter than the maximum allowable low-beam brightness.”

After going back and forth with the NHTSA, the auto giant finally decided the simplest fix was instructing authorized service technicians to apply a piece of frosted tape to the headlight cover. 

Some affected Terrain drivers are not pleased. One Twitter user wrote, “A piece of tape is the solution to the recall of the headlights that GMC gave. This is not a permanent fix, and it’s unprofessional and ridiculous.”

Other Twitter users shared their displeasure. However, one person pointed out the solution was valid because it’s inexpensive and doesn’t require owners to spend considerable time waiting for repairs to their Terrain SUVs. But few other commenters shared that viewpoint.

Other Terrain recalls reports that the GMC Terrain has 18 active safety recalls filed with the NHTSA. That number applies to all model years. 

One major recall involves the powertrain in 2018 and 2019 Terrain models, which is missing bolts on the start/stop accumulator. There’s also an issue with the right front intermediate driveshaft, which could fracture and separate while driving. Some of those SUVs have an insufficient coating on the brake calipers, causing gas pockets that could reduce rear brake performance.

But at least parts are available to fix the issue — although, in most cases, they’re more expensive than a piece of tape. However, when it comes to the Terrain’s faulty windshield wiper modules, there are no parts available to repair the affected SUVs.

The problem with specific Terrain windshield wipers is that the motor stops working, rendering the wipers useless. When the sun is shining, there’s no real problem. But when the rain pours, drivers have difficulty making it from point A to point B.

It remains unclear when GMC will get the parts needed to fix the wiper issue. In the meantime, affected Terrain drivers must deal with it as best they can.


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