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When you want the extra sauce with your meal, you don’t want anyone skimping on the serving. The same is true of the GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate. We know the Denali as the top trim of GMC vehicles and the Sierra 1500 as the pinnacle of luxury pickup trucks. For 2022, GMC took things a step farther and gave us the extra sauce with the Denali Ultimate model.

What’s going on in the cabin of the GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate?

Front Seat Area GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate
Front Seat Area GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate | GMC

The Denali Ultimate takes things to a new level, beyond what you might have guessed GMC would offer. The interior area of this GMC truck is where you find many upgrades that make this truck the ultimate in luxury pickup driving. This trim level features an extreme level of equipment, extensive design features, and enticing unique items you won’t find on other trucks. GM Authority gives us a look inside this incredible truck.

Brown and charcoal leather offset each other nicely

The Denali Ultimate trim brings you Alpine Umber leather upholstery to give you the desired look across the seats, dashboard, and other surfaces. As a complement to this leather, we see stunning open-pore Paldao wood trim. At this trim level, you expect power seats. The front seats move with a 16-way power adjustment and offer the benefits of massaging functions to increase your comfort levels.

The source of the Denali name is present in this GMC truck

Mt. Denali Details on Dashboard of GMC Sierra
Mt. Denali Details on Dashboard of GMC Sierra | GMC

Part of the badging of this impressive truck shows you the geographic coordinates for Mount Denali. This mountain is the highest peak in North America. As you may have guessed, this mountain is the namesake of the Denali trim for the GMC line of trucks and SUVs. A topographical map of the mountain inlaid in the upholstery and dashboard is a nice touch.

A large screen for your infotainment needs

Whether you want to change the climate settings, get connected, or find the music you want to enjoy, the GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate delivers 40 inches of digital screens for instruments and infotainment. You’ll also find a 12-speaker Bose Premium Series audio system with Centerpoint surround sound.

Super Cruise makes the drive better in the GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate

GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate Super Cruise
GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate Super Cruise | GMC

If you want to drive the Denali Ultimate Sierra with your hands off of the steering wheel and feet off the pedals, the Super Cruise feature allows this to happen. This is the only trim where this feature is standard. The Super Cruise feature works on GMC mapped roads, which totals nearly 200,000 miles.

Are there any drawbacks to this top-level GMC truck?

The GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate sounds like the perfect truck, but you might find a few items that leave you wanting more. There’s a button that allows you to lower all four windows at one time. Unfortunately, there isn’t a button to reverse this process. The power seat controls can take some time to learn and understand.

Is this GMC truck as Ultimate as you expect?

GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate sitting next to a home
GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate | GMC

The GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate costs $82,795. It has everything you could ask for in a pickup truck. No other truck in the market has the level of comfort, quality, or connectivity you find in this GMC Sierra. For this reason, this is the ultimate truck in the market today.

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