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The GMC Hummer EV is the company’s attempt to create a modern and cleaner take on the notorious Hummer, and in many ways, it’s worked. The Hummer EV is very popular. However, like any other automaker, GMC is experiencing the pain of the supply chain crisis.

This has had significant effects on how many cars GMC can get out the door every day. Unfortunately for anyone interested in the GMC Hummer EV, things are so bad right now that it’ll take GMC over a year to clear out the waitlist at the car’s current production rate as of the beginning of July. 

Why the GMC Hummer EV is in such high demand right now

Hummer EV production line.
Hummer EV production line | Getty Images

The original Hummer was big, it was powerful, and it was ridiculously inefficient. Americans wanted big and powerful, and the Hummer’s inefficiencies were irrelevant because gas prices were low, so the fact that it barely got 10 mpg was not a deal breaker. But then the Great Recession hit, gas prices climbed, and folks became more conscious about the environment. So, GMC killed the Hummer. 

Over a decade later, the Hummer is back, still as big and powerful as ever, but without the flaw of being a gas guzzler. Americans still want big and powerful cars, but with gas prices high and climate change on the mind of so many people, GMC turned the Hummer into an EV. This allowed the Hummer EV to be a practical vehicle and something folks could own with less guilt as it was a clean and green machine. 

It will take GMC 17 years to clear out the waitlist at current production rates

The Hummer EV reservation process is well on its way. However, the problem is that it may take a while to get your hands on a Hummer EV. Unsurprisingly, this is due to the supply chain crisis, which has caused many automakers, including GMC, to slow down or even halt production entirely. According to The Drive, due to the supply chain crunch, GM has over 100,000 cars sitting around collecting dust because they don’t have the necessary parts to be finished. 

As for the Hummer EV, the supply chain issues are affecting batteries as well. GMC is only churning out about 12 Hummer EVs a day. At that production rate, GMC would only deliver less than 4,400 Hummer EVs a year. Currently, the waitlist for the in-demand EV sits at about 77,000 people. As a result, at the current production rate, it will take GMC over 17 years to clear out the Hummer EV’s waitlist. 

The good news is that relief is coming soon. A new battery factory is set to go online later this summer. Once that happens, GM expects to be able to increase deliveries significantly in the latter half of 2022, and hopefully catch up to demand.

An overview of the GMC Hummer EV

That battery factory will help a lot because one of the most critical parts of the Hummer EV is its battery pack. It’s 212-kWh, and that’ll provide enough power for the Hummer EV to go 329 miles. That’s enough range to cure people’s range anxieties, but a 212-kWh battery pack is far larger than most EV’s battery packs, so that’s why a new battery factory will help things move along.

The Hummer EV won’t be cheap. It costs over $100,000 right now. That said, for folks who can afford it, GMC gave the Hummer EV some very desirable specs. For example, its electric motors can get over 1,000 hp and 11,500 lb-ft of torque. This will allow the car to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds and tow up to 7,500 pounds of stuff.


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